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Key West's coral die-off

Supercharged Waters from North of Lake 'O' Devastating to Florida's Coral Reefs

The evidence is undeniable: Some 97 percent of the water coming into Lake Okeechobee from the north -- particularly from the Kissimmee area -- show the lake's contaminated water originates on the highly developed northwest side of the Everglades' headwaters.

July 19, 2019 - 9:00am


Miami is an ICE-targeted city
The only thing more predictable than the Florida Democrats expressing opposition to the Trump administration's ICE agents enforcing sweeps, is those same Dems misrepresenting the facts of what's ta
Will they vote for the first name they see?
Problems in casting votes for candidates is as much a part of the Florida landscape as palm trees.
Next time you’re waiting in your socks as your luggage is rifled through by security at the TSA checkpoint, you might reflect on how unchecked people and vehicles are getting through security in ot
As a Republican, I should just sit back smugly and watch. If the Democrats want to keep moving hard left on immigration, I should just keep my mouth shut and let them get on with it.
Rep. Frederica Wilson on her portable pulpit
It's one thing to suggest Democratic leaders like to position themselves either as royalty or exalted leaders above reproach -- but it's even better when they prove that theory to be correct.
Steven D. Anderson
For the past couple decades, my block has hosted a party to celebrate our nation’s birth, replete with all the typical summertime Americana: seed-spitting contests; red, white, and blue bicycle par
Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio is one scary guy. Particularly to Cuban-Americans.
Scott Israel
It is something of a staple with Hollywood horror movies: Each sequel has to involve the elimination of the grotesque monster in growingly dramatic terms, only to find a way for him to resurface im
New York City Mayor and presidential hopeful Bill DeBlasio took time from his departure schedule from South Florida following his debate performance Wednesday night to visit with airport workers. 
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