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AFP-Action Launches New Ad Slamming Bill Nelson

October 5, 2018 - 6:00am
Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson

Fiscal conservative group Americans for Prosperity-Action (AFP-Action) announced on Friday that it will spend more than $1 million in a digital ad taking aim at U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

AFP-Action has already gone after Nelson’s record in grassroots efforts and through a direct mail campaign. Now AFP-Action has launched a Web video hitting Nelson’s “30-year record of failing to improve health care outcomes for Florida families.”

Chris Hudson, a senior advisor for AFP and the director of AFP’s Florida chapter, weighed in on the new ad.

“Bill Nelson’s vote for the failed health care law punished Florida families with higher insurance premiums – 84 percent higher – and lined the pockets of pharmaceutical companies,” said  Hudson. “Bill Nelson has had 30 years to fix health care and didn’t do anything. He doesn’t deserve another six.”

AFP-Action hit Nelson for accepting “more than $125,000 in campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies,” voting for “Obamacare, which benefited pharmaceutical companies” and noted that “individual market premiums in Florida increased 84 percent between 2013 and 2017.”

First elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000 after serving in the Legislature, in the U.S. House and as state insurance commissioner, Nelson is a top target for Republicans as he runs for a fourth term. He faces Gov. Rick Scott, who won the Republican primary at the end of August, in the general election next month. Recent polls have shown a close race in what is expected to be one of the most closely watched Senate races in the nation. 


Only those tired of winning will be voting the leftist party this time. We will pray for you very vocal but tiny minority of folks suffering from TDS. You snowflakes actually think your first world struggle with TDS is real. The majority of Americans pity you. However, all pity aside, we will be kicking your @ss at the voting booths in about 31 short days.

You sound worried, Gordon. You should be.

The Citizen's United decision was a travesty! And Newt Gingrich's "Politics of Personal Destruction" was and is another travesty! Screw "Americans For Prosperity"! #VoteBlue

Vote. RED. Republ- ican

of course the AFP did, but it is a lie just like Red Tide Rick's other 9 ads have been determined to be lies by Politifact. Guess which party has been in the majority for the last 30 yrs. that Nelson has been in office. He could not have changed anything even if he wanted to. He introduced 47 bills with none of them even making it out of the Republican controlled committees. Obamacare was successful for most people, that is until the US and FL legislatures both deregulated the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and passed a law that allowed all insurance companies to raise rates w/o legislative approval and w/o caps, so guess what the insurance and pharmaceutical companies did? Raised rates and your Republican legislatures conveniently blamed it on Obamacare. How nice... Next Red Tide Rick eliminated state agencies, cut funding in half from SWFWMD, cut funding for the state EPA, deregulated all septic tanks and eliminated water testing in all state waterways, yet somehow, this is all Nelson's fault. Nice try Red Tide Rick, but you are on the hook for it all...

Because I thoroughly despise these type of political ads, against Democrats, I'm going to vote straight BLUE this November. I'm tired of the false and twisted out of context statements made. These type of ads should be banned.

because I despise the tactic of lies, slander and intimidation of the left, I'll be voting straight RED, you should too IF you love America!

You don't "love America", buddy, you just "love your tribe" ... and hate the other tribe! Voters like you are the problem!

Rick Scott has run out of water to pollute in Florida. Gut environmental regulation and spending, make a quick buck, and leave the clean up to somebody else. Kind of like his exit from HCA.

Sounds like you know some things. What are some examples so we know what you mean?

Scott blames Nelson for Florida's water situation. Nelson is responsible for the Herbert Hoover *** around Lake O, but not the water in the lake. That's a State issue. Scott gutted 700 million from water quality regulations, that govern the use of fertilizers and pesticides that run off into the lakes and estuaries of the state, including the fact that 40% of Florida residents STILL use septic tanks, whose run off ends up in our rivers and oceans too. His Naples company was fined billions of dollars for bilking customers out of millions of dollars. I'm all for a robust economy, here in Florida, but I want fair for ALL of Florida, not just corporations. I'm also tired of politicians getting richer, all the while screwing us behind our backs. That's what Scott has done his entire term.

If 'Henry' was an informed voter, he would have known all this already! Scott is the worst governor this state has had in my lifetime!

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