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After 'Vetting' Ralph Arza, Ron DeSantis Drops Him From Fundraiser

September 14, 2018 - 4:15pm

Ron DeSantis says after vetting Ralph Arza, he has dropped him from a fundraiser taking place with Jeb Bush.

Yeah right.

After the flyer was printed, with Arza as a co-chair, it all of a sudden dawned on DeSantis that there would be another race scandal swarming around him.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

The fact that Arza made it on the flyer in the first place shows the company DeSantis keeps.

Ralph Arza, the former Florida representative who found himself in hot water for using -- you guessed it -- racially charged language, was going to co-chair a fundraiser for Ron DeSantis.

The Miami Herald reported the fundraiser but later updated the piece to say Arza had been removed.

I’m sure the removal came with a wink and a nod.

DeSantis just can’t seem to stay away from racist people. Is DeSantis a racist, or just lacking in judgment?

I say it’s both. DeSantis would have to have been living under a rock to a) not know Arza’s history surrounding his departure from the Florida Legislature and b) not know that Donald Trump used that information against Marco Rubio on the 2016 campaign trail.

Donald Trump, who single handedly made DeSantis the GOP nominee for governor, thought Arza was too racist.

Trump's Tweet
Trump's Tweet

Arza was going to co-chair a fundraiser for Mr. “monkey-it-up, Horowitz-event-attending, Facebook racist group-moderating” Ron DeSantis.

Let that sink in.

I’m not surprised, nor should anyone else. Like I said before, expect David Duke to pop up on the trail with DeSantis!

When Donald Trump is calling a Republican out for racist behavior, that person should never make it on a DeSantis fundraiser flyer, prior to being “vetted”.

Not that anyone with common sense believes an entire flyer was made prior to vetting!

For those of you who don’t recall, let me refresh your memory:

On the 2016 presidential campaign trail, Trump tweeted the ad with these words: “Keep lightweight Marco and his friends out of the White House.”

Looks like Florida needs to keep Ron DeRacist and his friends out of the Governor’s Mansion.


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Actually, Leslie has alot of good points. I am colorblind so many of the comments above mean nothing. However, I come from a long line of true conservatives from Florida and NC. Yes I loved Helms. This guy DeSantis scares me. Not articulate, slow on his feet and doesn't come across well in my older conservative and (excluding me) a very well financially set group of voters. I am not convinced we put our best foot forward. Only the foot he continues to eat....... Sadly, we voted for DeSantis.

Trump and his Trumpnuts don't do any "vetting"! What, Mueller's now indicted some 20 or 25 Trumpnuts ... with three or four of Trump's top 'capos' already convicted or pleading guilty? So, since DeSantis is an admitted lickspittle Trumpnut ... he's undoubtedly going to do the same that his 'godfather' as done!

how little thee knows about fundraising and politics. DeSantis did not organize this event nor put the host committee together, that is done by the "professional fundraisers" that are hired. He just shows up to the events! the ones that didn't do their job in making sure the host committee was vetted are the fundraisers!!!

the campaign is ultimately responsible for all fundraising and events, as the campaign will ultimately be responsible for the success, or in this case, the demise of the candidate...

arza did a despicable thing. he knows it, lost so much for it, but has come back since then. gilliam wants to forgive convicted felons, but blacks cant forgive arza. i do not mean forget, but forgive. arza is not a bad guy, he was just too much of a bulldog with power then. now he is a valued consultant to many. what is the statute of limitations on racist speach? does it apply to obama?

Leslie, you must work Very Hard to come up with your "stories", since there are not a whole lot of them. The common denominator is (of course) RACISM. Is it only "White Skin" that you hate? Or do you Dislike Hispanics, Orientals, and Mid-Easterners as well? I'm SURE I left some other other skin colors out... like Indians (both from India AND Native Americans). Please help me! Should I stay away from all of my WHITE friends, or all of my OTHER friends?

Oh sigh. I was wondering the same about this writer. Glad it's not just me.

Oh sigh. I was wondering the same about this writer. Glad it's not just me.

THE "CHOICE" IS (AND ALWAYS WILL BE) THE 'NEW' GOVERNOR'S.... AND HE ALONE WILL MAKE THAT ULTIMATE 'SELECTION' !!!!!! (The REST of: STFU,.. you are becoming more and more frantic & tiresome every day ! )

You'd think DeSantis would come out for gun control - he keeps shooting himself in the foot!


The communist Dems should have a man in their ranks as patriotic and trustworthy as The Honorable Ralph Arza.

And look who the fascist Repubs included in their "patriotic and trustworthy" ranks? Manafort! Cohen! Flynn! Papadopolous! Gates! Etc., etc., etc. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

A guy who got run out of the Florida legislature for using the 'n' word isn't honorable. No matter how much money he gives or raises for the GOP. If you don't want this to be a three ring circus, stop tolerating open racism in your party. Can't you at least hide it like everybody else does?

Tell that to Ron DeSantis. He just threw Arza under the bus and ran over him a few times!

I'm sure the definition of 'racially charged language' is as big as the Everglades. One day we may see a black running for office on his own merit and not asking for a pity party due to the color of his skin but it may be a century or two. How pathetic is it for Gillum to do practically nothing for about a month now but remind voters that he's black? DeSantis will begin to overtake Gillum when the public becomes more aware of Gillum's criminal past and current criminal investigation.

You can tell that he is black by just looking at him doesn't take a rocket scientist

Duh,.........well hello?; Is there another available option to support YOUR skewed "point of view"? (blindfolded guess perhaps?)

Why don’t you tell us about Gillum’s criminal past. In fact, since you are telling us so much more than the FBI, why don’t you contact THEM to tell them about Gillum’s criminal past. Oh wait, you are just spouting off because you can’t stand it that this young BLACK man is winning.

I think you will find that when election day rolls around, people will vote for the responsible candidate, not the anti-semetic, socialist, wealth redistributionist that Gollum is.

Amen,AND, Wimes turns everything into a racist remark or act.

If the hood fits, wear it! DeSantis’ hood seems to be fitting rather well!

I think the uniform he wore while serving our Country fit him well. what have you done for our Country, you disgraceful p.o.s!!!

What about Gillum's association with known anti-Semitic groups?

Exactly. I guess we Jews don't count when you're describing disgusting attacks and people who support them.

After 250,000 Puerto Ricans, and untold "tens of thousands PLUS" 'Illegal Alien Invaders' from Mexico & South America (at the behest of pandering politicians) have ALREADY been settled into South Florida (from Tampa on down to Key West),.... AND "in the face of", and absence of, uneducated thought & common sense, Jews may well have to consider relocating, from the "steadily growing South Florida ghetto", to further north in Florida (where "Southern Hospitality" STILL resides...) {Charlotte, I think you answered your own question.....} answered your own question: The "new" self serving, South Floridian population don't see Jews as a priority "count".... Unfortunately

As always . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

I wont be going to the Roger Waters concert either.

I know there are sane Republicans out there! Where are you? Stand up! Putnam has to either be laughing, because Republicans picked a real loser, or crying because Republicans picked a real loser. Either way, Republicans picked a real loser!!

Arza and DeSantis perfect together ! Only one missing is Trump Wait he's collecting paper towels for the Carolinas .. no I'm sorry he is trying to remember who Manfort is No no he is trying to see if the death certificates in Puerto Rico are real You know like Obama's birth certificate These folks all deserve each other


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