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Al Lawson, Alvin Brown Stress Opposition to Brett Kavanaugh in North Florida Congressional Primary

July 14, 2018 - 6:00am
Al Lawson, Brett Kavanaugh and Alvin Brown
Al Lawson, Brett Kavanaugh and Alvin Brown

In one of the most closely watched congressional primaries in Florida, two Democrats are trying to rally supporters by stressing their opposition to President Donald Trump nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has hit freshman U.S. Rep. Al Lawson, D-Fla., for not opposing the Trump administration enough. This week, Brown tried to stress his opposition to Kavanaugh. 

“Kavanaugh will be a rubber-stamp for this administration's extreme, right-wing agenda,” Brown insisted on Tuesday. “With Kavanaugh on the bench, our values and the fundamental rights of generations to come live on the line. From access to affordable health care and reproductive health to labor unions, gun safety, and civil rights.

“Brett Kavanaugh cannot be trusted.  He has a long, troubling record on issues that impact everyday Americans' lives, and the Senate must reject Brett Kavanaugh,” Brown added. “We have less than 50 days to go in this election, and we need members of Congress that will stand up Trump. This nomination is yet another example of his radical agenda for this country.”

Lawson weighed in on Wednesday and noted he opposed the nomination. 

“The president’s Supreme Court nominee is deeply concerning and could mean an assault on the basic rights of many Americans including women, individuals with pre-existing conditions and our LGBTQ community,” Lawson said. “Kavanaugh’s appointment would potentially threaten those rights for generations to come. This Supreme Court appointment should not be used as a political weapon, but rather as a tool to ensure basic fairness and uphold our nation’s commitment to liberty and justice for all. I oppose this nomination, and strongly urge our senators to consider what is at stake and remember to put the rights of Americans first.”

Brown launched his campaign back in January after former U.S. Rep Corrine Brown, D-Fla., who Lawson beat in the primaries in 2016, was sent to prison due to fraud connected with a nonprofit. Alvin Brown, who twice ran against Corrine Brown in the Democratic primaries back in the 1990s, got in the race the day after she started serving her sentence. 

The former Jacksonville mayor is hoping to do better than his old rival did against Lawson two years ago. While she was hindered by legal troubles in 2016, Corrine Brown was also hurt by the latest round of congressional redistricting. Instead of stretching south to Orlando as the various incarnations of her district had for more than two decades, the congresswoman now found it stretching west to Tallahassee where Lawson was well established from his almost three decades in the Legislature and two previous bids for Congress. Despite more than 60 percent of the district being in the Jacksonville TV market, Lawson prevailed in the primary, taking 48 percent while Corrine Brown pulled 39 percent. 

Both candidates have been showcasing their supporters this week with Brown reeling in the backing of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan and Lawson appearing in Jacksonville on Friday with U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Whoever wins the Democratic primary at the end of next month will be a heavy favorite to keep this seat over Republican Virginia Fuller who ran for Congress in California back in 2012. 


probably a decent guy and judge. What I don't like is the backroom deal between Trump and Kennedy to make this happen, so Trump can tip the balance in his favor (I wonder why?). It is greasy and wrong for America...

This is silly. These bozos are not running for Senate!

These 2 blind mice do not have an original thought in their mush filled brains. They are totally parroting the DNC's "fill in the blank" hate speak prepared prior to Trump making the nomination. Nothing to see here. And furthermore those dark circles around Al's eyes look worse than the tanning bed white circles around Trumps eyes. Especially when we consider how Al got those dark circles. From Al's 55+ years of late night hard drinking, any port in a horny storm, white line sniffing - partying 'till the break of dawn - STD sharing "Big Al" life style. Yeah vote for Al if that's your style too!!!

These two read the material provided to them by the DNC when in fact they have no idea what any of Judge Kavanaugh's decision include. They do what the unhinged Nancy Pelosi tells them to do. I'm not interested in being governed by a whack-a-doodle from California thank you. It's a shame that at least one of these guys couldn't muster the courage to run on what he actually believes and not what he's told to say by the DNC and its extremists.

Black demographic under Trump administration is doing better economically than they were in the last 25 years. Stupid Dem blacks can't even see what's benefitting their own. They are running on race, that's it, no other substance.

Dave, are you black? Or just another member of the "white privilege gang,' who thinks he can speak for all black and brown people? By the way, the term is African American. Since I am indeed African American, let me add some facts. I was purchased my home will Bill Clinton was President. Sold it when Bush 43 was President. Saw my income go from $60k to $175K per anum, under President Obama. Under Trump, I gross an additional $2,500 a year for tax cuts; I don't need, didn't want, and didn't ask for. We give that money to charity. No, "blacks are not doing better under Trump." You must be unlearned. Economies a cyclical and calculable. Voodoo Economics did not work. President GHW Bush had to raise taxes to generate revenue to pay for President Reagan's debauchery. Because American's are dumb and impatient, they voted him out. President Clinton benefited from those tax increases, balanced the budget and reformed welfare = surplus. President Bush (43) gifted friends like Halliburton and spent the surplus on was with Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama inherited a bankrupt country with a credit score of 300. Gave you people a real stimulus, (not the free Bush checks) reformed the auto industry and pulled the country out of the great recession. Yes, we had to borrow. That's what you do when your "refinance debt." Trump, is a right-wing Bernie Sanders who believes whose doctrine is OPM (other people's money). He surrounded by DC grifter's and thieves (Price and Pruitt), who never saw a taxpayer dime, they could not steal. You are welcome. An Actual African-American

"Florida Girl", The PROPER "term" is "AMERICAN" (without a prefix); I will certainly be able to identify your geneology (when I see you) by your bagpipes, wooden shoes, accents & dialects, food & clothing preferences, slurs, insults, and yes..color. However, "privilege" (when added to "white") is an insultingly subjective and false generalization that limits and labels YOU as a self-identified "victim", which only serves to belittle your OWN evaluation of yourself. Please believe me: We don't "give a hoot" about your color, and we don't much care if you choose to "prefix" your "homeland identity" with a country name that you have more than likely never even visited. Just know that your "presumptions" label you far more than your defensive assertions.

insulting diatribe to say the least...these are the racist MF'ers that would have you believe that slavery and the civil rights mvm't were not that bad, a step up from what the Africans and West Indies natives previously enjoyed. These idiots are the same as those who say the holocaust was overblown... This *** clown is probably from up north too...

May I ask if your income and success was due to your efforts or what President Obama gave you? Did you buy your house or did President Obama give it to you? I would bet it was because of YOUR effort. Are you aware that economic history clearly demonstrates that ALL people benefit and federal tax revenues increase when tax rates are decreased?

Is that why the deficit has grown more in this one year of a presidency that at any time in recorded history. What facts back up your claim? There are none... This is trickle down economics repackaged. Didn't work then, won't work now. Instead of creating record investment, trickle down economics led to record profits for share holders, and to try to sustain the growth, more off shoring of jobs occurred in the 80's than during anytime in previous history. Now you have the rest of the story, from an Independent.

Of course they oppose the Confirmation, there would be Hell to Pay from the DNC if they didn't. I think we'll be able to knock off more Democrats in Congress due to their "Follow the Party Line no matter how illogical, inappropriate, nonsensical, masochistic that party line is."

And Senator Nelson is towing that party line to his demise as well. I think Nelson will be going home to pasture this time. Scott's commercials have caused Nelson's campaign team to overdose on Tylenol.

More of the “if you say yes, I say no “ mentality. And by the way, there was or is a right to kill a baby.

When you post proudly that a baby can be killed, you are mental. Very mental. Get help.

What say you about babies in cages?

Wake up! “Babies in cages” was during Obama’s Administration!! Where was your outrage then?? Where is your outrage when babies are torn from their mothers leg by leg and arm by arm? Your faux outrage sickens me!!

Sorry I meant NO right to kill a baby. This site needs an edit button


Does anyone out there have a logical explanation related to the "thou shall not kill" in the 10 commandments and the abortion of babies? Specifically is it possible to deem oneself a christian, catholic, or a member of some other christian based religious group and support the abortion of babies? Maybe there's some exception tucked away in the book of Revelation related to members of the Democratic party? Will St. Peter allow Democrats to enter the Kingdom of Heaven based on the yet to be located exception? Maybe the Pope can share his thoughts on the subject to "enlighten" us all!!!

"Fric & Frac" raise their heads up to become "whack-a-mole" targets, thereby hoping to take away attentinon to BOTH of their "empty suit" political careers...

Excellent observation.

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