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Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis Running Close in New Poll

September 4, 2018 - 3:15pm
Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis
Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis

A new poll shows a close contest between U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in the race to replace term limited Gov. Rick Scott in Florida. 

Qunnipiac University released a poll on Tuesday afternoon which shows 50 percent of voters for Gillum, who won the Democratic primary in an upset last week, and DeSantis, who blew out Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam on the Republican side, right behind him with 47 percent. 

There is a major racial divide as 93 percent of black voters back Gillum while 2 percent prefer DeSantis but the Republican takes 52 percent of white voters while the Tallahassee mayor gets 45 percent of them. Hispanic voters break for DeSantis who gets 56 percent of them while 43 percent back Gillum. There is also a gender gap with men backing DeSantis 52 percent to 45 percent while women support Gillum 55 percent to 42 percent. 

Both candidates have nailed down their party base with 92 percent of Republicans for DeSantis and 93 percent of Democrats for Gillum. The Democrat takes 55 percent of independents while 42 percent are for DeSantis. Most DeSantis and Gillum backers--94 percent of them--say they have made up their minds on who to vote for.

Gillum is seen as favorable by 46 percent while 33 percent see him as unfavorable. DeSantis is better known with 45 percent seeing him favorably while 43 percent see him as unfavorable. 

"Mayor Andrew Gillum came out of his upset victory in the Florida Democratic primary with a head of steam," said Peter Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, on Tuesday. "That momentum shows itself as Gillum hits 50 percent in a neck-and-neck match-up with Republican U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis for the four-year lease on the governor's mansion.

"Neither man was well-known before their primaries, but since then the race has become a center of political attention in the state,” Borwn added.  "Now, 97 of voters say they will vote for one of the two men, a highly unusual situation this far from the actual voting. Just as unusual, more than 90 percent of Gillum and DeSantis voters say they will not change their minds and are dead set in supporting the candidate they now favor.”

President Donald Trump, who carried Florida in 2016, is slightly upside down in the Sunshine State with 51 percent disapproving of him and 47 percent approving him. He is backing DeSantis in the race but the poll shows half of those surveyed--51 percent--do not consider the president as an important factor in the race. A quarter of those surveyed--24 percent--say their vote for governor will express opposition to Trump while 22 percent say their vote will show their support of the president. 

Asked what the most important issue is in the race, 23 percent say the economy, 14 percent say immigration, another 14 percent say health-care, 13 percent say guns, 12 percent say the environment and 10 percent say education. 

Asked if they like DeSantis’ positions on the issues, 47 percent say yes and 45 percent say no. Asked if they like DeSantis as a person, 40 percent say yes and 33 percent say no. 

Asked if they like Gillum’s positions on the issues, 46 percent say yes and 42 percent say no. Asked if they like Gillum as a person, 49 percent say yes and 13 percent say no. 

The poll of 785 likely primary voters was taken from Aug. 30 through Sept. 3 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percent. 


Let the general election begin! It looks like the governor's race just like the senator's race will go down to the wire! Both races are pretty much deadlocked in ties and independents or party turnout and enthusiasm will determine the winners! Remember the most recent statewide races for governor and president were each all just won by 1% ! So get ready because for a crazy two months until Nov because Florida is still purple and a battleground state no matter what anybody says! It's going to be a long night on election night and may not have any declared winners until the wee hours of the morning or next day! I love Florida elections!

How many Hispanics have left there home land to run from people like Gillum? How many in Miami? Do you really think he will win? You Dems should have voted Gwen in there, I truly think she would have won easy, but no that didn't happen now gather around a dangerous man like Gillum. Crazy

"Gwennie"??? You mean Hillary's ""Mini-Me""???

shut up you fat idiot...

Apparently nobody here understands what socialism/communism is here. Y'all want Florida to die? Rick Scott has done fantastic things for businesses and job creation in Florida. F*** you Gillum supporters, go live in Venezuela and tell me how that works out for you. Y'all do know he is backed by Soros? You want Florida to be infested with ANTIFA? You want Florida to be taken over by Islamic Terrorists? You want your baby girls private parts mutilated w FGM? You want our women in burkas? You want our #2A rights and guns confiscated? WAKE UP!

Truer words have never been spoken. We must keep pulling ourselves up out of the mire, Gillum is not the way to do this.

Try meditation, dude! Maybe some yoga. And, by all means, please don't try to leave that institution where you're being housed!

Wow! You really do need a doctor. You're all over the place with your Trump playbook. You don't really know the differences between socialism/communism. Then you travel to Venezuela, Soros and Islam. I'm surprised you didn't include Cuba and Fidel. Straight out of Trump's playbook. Very scary, indeed !

IF "polls" weren't posited as "close",... no one would care nor pay attention to their skewed 'announcements', and money would stop flowing between campaigns, special interests and media outlet profit margins; (even old prostitutes get old, haggard and repelling)... "Polls"???.... useless as _ _ _ _ on a Bull ! "SNORT !"

Why did article's author bury poll's margin of error (+/-4.3) at the bottom of the story? The race is tied....

If only 3% are undecided, then the running mate will matter for the first time ever. Expect some of those polled are fluid, with a few Putnam voters still sore with Desantis, and a few independents intrigued with Gillum. You never see Democrats this united, so something is different. 60 more days of Trump could turn the place blue. Please come visit and hold your rallies Mr. President!

Or the fact that Gillum's claim he paid for lavish trips to Costa Rica and New York was just shot down by Adam Corey's attorney will surely sway independents away from Gillum, and turn him off to some democrats. Wonder if FBI handcuffs are tight?

Flawed poll only canvassed likely primary voters, excluding substantial percentage of NPA voters who account for 27% of Florida voters. Republicans will not vote for a radical left candidate who is mayor of a city that has highest crime rate in Florida, who wants to impeach the president, and who wants to raise taxes.

I'm not certain words like "socialism" have the same sting they once had when U.S. presidents and both political parties lead the country in anti-Soviet policies and language. For whatever reason, trying to attack a political opponent as a socialist may not be as effective a strategy as it once was. Not pointing any fingers but just wondering if the term "socialism" resonates in the way it once did.

Hoping that we don't embrace more socialism in this country! Too many people already see no need to work, because they make more money to have kids out of wedlock.

Those people to whom you refer, better enjoy it! Under Socialism ALL will work!

While it appears Gillum is a nice guy, he is also embraces socialism. Hopefully, many of the voters that do not want their taxes raised, as well as having to pay state employment tax will think about that when they vote. Socialism does not work. History has proven this right up until today. Just look at Venezuela.

The U.S. is already a social democratic country. Others, to even greater and more successful degrees, include Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Belgium and many others. Social democracy WORKS and is very prevalent in the developed world. It WILL expand here as time goes by.

Yes. Let's look at Venezuela??? When is the last time you paid a state income tax in Florida? Do you actually work in Florida? If you really work for the state you know employees pay into the states retirement account at 3% per pay period. However, given your paid willingness or mindless disregard to hold a sign for a special interest outfit proves to me you are in need of some educational help. Hope you get it it.

People in this country think that if the United States embraces socialism, well do a much better job than other countries. I can't understand why anyone would want to work hard just so the bulk of their money paying for someone else to attend college free, and anything else that they think is free.

Wait until November when Trump's rating will be under 25% as only the blind can ignore what a liar, law breaker, etc he is as he pisses off everyone, especially independents...………...And a lot of repubs are now starting to say time to vote Dem to save the republican party as so many, the decent repubs, have quit the party in droves. …………...He use to only lie an average of 5/day but the last 3 months he is averaging 15 lies/day, Sad really...………...People are getting really tired of being lied to time and time again as it shows Trump thinks they are fools to believe him anymore...…..... Thus his dropping ratings and the repub party dropping membership down around only 30% of the voters now.

Trump is an habitual liar, a serial cheater, a screw-job artist par excellence (Trump University, six bankruptcies stiffing an untold number of financial institutions, vendors, and employees, etc.) and a poor excuse for a man. How any reasonably intelligent and informed person can support him or anyone like DeSantis, who professes to be just like him, is beyond me! Trump has called Sessions a "retard" and a "dumb southerner": apparently and inadvertently explaining the basis for his support in the former Confederate States of America. (?)

LOL! You're funny...

"Wait until next year".... (Very similar to the "old baseball term" that you have seemed to have co-opted in far too many of your stilted comments "jerry"...)

No to our resident racist cbreeze, ironically named after a black cartoon kid, it is not next yr though that would be even worse, it's in 62 days...………...And Please, Please bring Trump down more and say the things he does as every decent person either doesn't vote of votes dem.…………...Repubs have spent millions already and are still even says a lot. But the debates, etc are coming and facts are not repub's friends...……….And on the polls like for Trump, there are a lot of not counted voters coming, most of which are young, women, educated that are appalled, Just like Fox News was when it said they were appalled by DeSantis racist monkey comment right afterword...…...And with Trump's polices finally bearing fruit, not just living off Obama economy, the economy will drop before November as the Chinese trade war deepens and world, US economy tanks...………..And all thanks to racists like you that took over th party, killing it, already 35% drop in members as decent ones have fled over the last 12 yrs. President Donald J. Trump Accomplishments

All we can do is hope that those people here who voted for Trump and Scott in the past have smartened up. Trump wannabes and Scott scofflaws offer absolutely nothing! President Donald J. Trump Accomplishments

I've personally known Andrew Gillum for 15 years. As a former Leon County Commissioner at-large, I supported Andrew's first run for office as a city commissioner in 2003. I served with Andrew for seven years and closely observed how deliberate and thoughtful he could be in the many hours we'd meet together to make policy for the citizens of our community. I believe Andrew Gillum will be a Governor who can help us bridge the political, emotional and spirtitual divide that separates many of us as Floridians. That's why I am contributing and working to elect Andrew Gillum as Florida's next Governor.

KNOCK KNOCK...Mr. Thaell...are you in there? Yes sir this is Elliott Ness with The FBI sir. We would like to talk to you about what you know about political graft and corruption in Tallahassee government sir...Mr. Thaell...Mr. Thaell...are you coming out???


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