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Andrew Gillum Is a Well-Dressed, Smooth-Talking Pathological Liar

October 24, 2018 - 12:00pm
Andrew Gillum and Adam Corey on a NYC boat ride
Andrew Gillum and Adam Corey on a NYC boat ride

Because of documents subpoenaed by the Florida Commission on Ethics and released to the public Tuesday, the citizens of Florida now have learned that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum is a pathological liar.

And when confronted with anything against him, Andrew will ALWAYS play the race card.

It’s his modus operandi.

According to a story reported in the Tampa Bay Times Tuesday afternoon, Andrew’s former college buddy, campaign treasurer and former Tallahassee lobbyist Adam Corey revealed the Broadway tickets to “Hamilton” were a “gift,” a/k/a  bribe, from an FBI undercover agent:

Barney Bishop
Barney Bishop

“The text messages show that, contrary to what his campaign has said, Gillum knew the tickets came from 'Mike Miller,' who was an FBI agent posing as a developer looking into city corruption." 

"'Mike Miller and the crew have tickets for us to 'Hamilton' tonight at 8 p.m.,’ Corey texted Gillum on August 10, 2016." 

"‘Awesome news about 'Hamilton,' Gillum replied, according to the records. The texts appear to refute what Gillum’s campaign said just days after his unlikely win in the Democratic primary for Florida governor.”

The newspaper story goes on to recite what happened in the national television debate: “During Sunday’s debate, DeSantis asked Gillum about the tickets. ‘Did you pay for the Hamilton tickets?’ DeSantis asked. Gillum avoided directly answering the question.”

The cheapest tickets for Hamilton are $452 and can go up to $1,399, depending on where you sit.

By the way Andrew, where did you sit?

And then Andrew played the well-worn race card.

In the Tallahassee Democrat Tuesday morning, Andrew responds “... that at every turn, I was paying my own way or was with my family, for all trips, including picking up tickets from my brother Marcus ... but this isn’t about a Broadway show. ... The goal is obviously to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce, frankly, stereotypes about black men, Gillum said.”

What stereotypes about black men, Andrew?

No one is suggesting anything about black men, we’re suggesting you are a liar and a crook. It’s about you, not your race. You just happen to be black.

But, Andrew can’t help himself, because if he can convince the mainstream media he’s being victimized because of his race, then he can obfuscate about the truth.

“'First of all, I am a grown man,’ Gillum replied. ‘My wife and I take vacations and we pay for our own vacations ... I don’t take free trips from anybody. I’m a hard-working person. I know that may not fit your description of what you think people like me do (emphasis added), but I’ve worked hard for everything that I’ve gotten in my life.'”

Wolf whistle anyone?

There’s no question in my mind that, indeed, Andrew has worked hard, but he’s worked hard at being corrupted by his lobbyist friends and living the high life. 

The trips to New York City (yes, the Soros group paid for his travel to and from, but he stayed on and lived life to the fullest as an elected official being wined and dined by the FBI), the Middle East, and, of course, the infamous trip to Costa Rica that regular people wouldn’t ever get.

Please note that I didn’t say a black elected official, because Andrew’s corruption isn’t because of the color of his skin, it’s because of the lack of moral upbringing by his parents or in the alternative, his willingness to be corrupt so that he can enjoy the good life.

The trip to Costa Rica is suspect, as it always has been.  

Gillum, ever the master of “bait and switch,” and “hook and crook,” always will say just enough to sound like he’s being forthcoming, but unfortunately for him, the facts never back him up.

So, let’s go back and dissect his statement above about him and his wife: “... we pay for our own vacations ...”

Technically, he did, since he says he gave his bud Corey $400 for the Costa Rica trip.

Except that Mr. Corey claims he never received any money from Andrew. Huh?

And to make matters worse, who in their right mind except Andrew and some Democratic apologists believe $400 would cover the cost for him and his wife to stay in a $1,400-per-night suite for four days and three nights?

Only Andrew and his coterie of corrupt lobbyist friends who underwrite his trips so he can feign ignorance about the true source of the money:

FBI, lobbyist, whatever.

As I said in a recent column in Sunshine State News about Andrew, it doesn’t matter if his brother gave him the money, his wife, or even his mother.

Andrew, if the money came from the FBI, it’s a bribe.

And, if you purposely don’t ask where the ticket came from, or who paid for the boat ride around Manhattan, or who paid for your hotel stay in a different NYC hotel, then you’re not only guilty of corruption, but stupidity as well.

And those ain’t great attributes that I want to see in the Governor’s Mansion.

You see, this is what happens when an underdog in the Dem primary skates through without anyone really digging and looking at your past as they do the frontrunners.

Wolf whistle.

I’m going to come out and say just what I think as a former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party and a lifelong Democrat.

Andrew, you’re a compulsive liar, a conniving, sniveling, self-victimized, race-baiting, mooching human being who has reached the epitome of the Peter Principle.

Am, I sugar-coating this too much?

Oh, you dress the part (Soros money, most likely).

You’re a suave, smooth talker who has convinced Tom Steyer and George Soros and those other pitiful liberal billionaires you’re worth the investment.

Except this time that pesky FBI thing is still hanging around your neck like an albatross.

Next, Andrew will, of course, re-direct the attack at his accuser, Adam Corey, but he can’t do anything about those texts.

The only question now is, will the mainstream media dig deeper and ask the really hard questions of Andrew, and the much-needed follow-up questions, so we can learn if Andrew is going to dig a deeper hole for himself or come clean?

My bet is on the former.

You see, an un-reconstructed liberal never has to admit guilt. All he has to do, if he's a minority, is play the race card and say he's being victimized, and the media will give him a bye.

They must, because all the state’s newspapers have endorsed him, and they certainly can’t admit they’re wrong now.

Not just two weeks before the election.

Again, let me be clear.  

Andrew is guilty, not of being black, but of thinking that all the rest of us would swallow his glib, smooth-talking antics and savoir faire, that we’re soooo stupid we would elect him despite his disqualifying flaws, his lack of honesty, his failing morals, his willingness to say and do anything to get elected.

Barney Bishop III is a conservative Democrat who served as executive director of the Florida Democratic Party in the early 1990s.


Republican's are the LIER'S here people and the ones could not care if all VOTE were counted! Are you all STUPID we vote so count them all you nutzi criminal's this is the USA. Not Russia were they LIE and anything! We are the Constitution it runs in our blood we will never forget

I find it a Joke that not all VOTE were counted also the time away cheat all that ran so will the one that are to make it so this will never happen again but wait this how the Republican's can keep getting people in Government so to Dem work for us or out you will go and one day we will vote the green party in. It's about we the people and we are sick of the games when we help you all in and forget don't keep your promise and we will vote you if get the hell out we the people ?!?!


Project Veritas just released a video about Gillum. He is an extremist and will bring Florida down. If you want people pooping on your sidewalks like in San Francisco then vote for Gillum...

Having the distinction of living in Tallahassee I can tell you We do not want Gillum in the Govenors Office. He is an empty shirt do-nothing that lacks the ethics and understanding of what a public servant should be. Andrew Gillam has been a failure in his position as Mayor of this small College /State town . In no way should he be given a chance to further harm the people of Florida with his inmature behavior. It is demeaning to ALL Floridians !

The ultimate concern about Gillum aside from his backtracking on his corruption and his disgusting use of the race card when he realizes he does not have a valid answer to the known (and I am sure there are many more) corruption is the fact that he has been schooled and well- funded by George The Destroyer Soros. Gillum has admitted that he has a close relationship with Soros for years. Soros has blatantly said he hates the US and wants to destroy it. He has funded all of these anti America organizations and still continues to this day. Gillum's job will be to turn this state into a Socialist state, anti-police state ( Gillum signed the Dream Defenders Pledge - another Soros funded destruction organization), anti-gun, anti-corporation, open border advocate and sanctuary state advocate. His main objective overall is to destroy this state from within. If you are willing to watch this state implode, then I guess you will vote for Gillum. If not, stay far, far away from his name at the voting booth.

I own a surveillance/automation company in Tallahassee and have seen the crime rate triple in the last 10 yrs... this summer alone was wayyyyyyy over the top!!! We have security cameras in many HOA complexes throughout Tallahassee and I have been called 7x by TPD to get the video evidence. Just yesterday (when the Bank was robbed in Killearn where they shot a women for a few buck$) 2 thugs held up a guy at gun point at Summerchase Condos on the NW side of town, we got their license plates from our cameras so that was easy... Dry Creek Run on the south-side is having a rash of early morning vehicle smash and grabs... Willowbend HOA on the SE side of town is having everything from apartment break-ins to mopeds stolen to the dumpsters lite on fire one time. The Luxe apartments on Call street already have 64 cameras but it's not enough and want another 32 for blind spot areas.... The Tennyson Condos had a pizza delivery person held up at gun point 3 weeks ago and they too want more cameras for the blind spots.... Or how about the organized car break-ins in Killearn last month then Buckhead the following night ... IT'S INSANE - stop turning a blind-eye just becuase you are not personally effected!! This is great for my business, so why would I complain? B/C I live here too and jokers like Gillium don't give 2shits! And, the police are inundated with crime and don't or can't chase the lower crimes - only one's I've seen they pursue are the ones with stolen firearms or committed with a gun... I guess a felony is the only worthwhile charge these days and let the youth who commit misdemeanors keep committing until it's serious enough to be charged as an adult then too late to help mold into productive citizens. Perhaps instead of spending money on lifetime welfare and food stamps we should be helping more at the youth levels so this cycle eases up in 20 yrs. Or not.......... but whatever this community is doing isn't working!! SO... If you think for one moment 'Gilligan' is doing his job on a mayor level but would be a good Governor.... check yourself into the nearest mental clinic because you are just as much of a problem as these jackasses committing these crimes - don't support garbage - demand better from your politician and for God's sake... let's get term limits instituted!!!

Who would you rather vote for? the other candidate. Really!. People who hide behind the computer writing garbage about people, not supported by any facts is not credible.

Where I used to live, in a Democrat held state that welcomed illegals with open arms, I was the victim of a crime perpetrated by illegals. Basically, nothing was done, except police did manage to " misplace" my report. I reached out to Guillam 3 separate times, as a crime victim, to meet with me and tell me to my face why he wants to get rid of ice and welcome illegal s. He didn't have the guts to respond. Why? Because I'm white? (see I can pull the race card too) Because he cares more about his precious illegals than he does their victims? Because he avoids facing truths that don't fit his narrative? Or is it that he just doesn't give a damn? Maybe all of the above. However, I believe the non response tells me all I need to know about this empty suit.

Sir, you are at keyboard yourself, are you hiding? If you support Andy Gillum I understand why you might hide.

Facts don’t have a race or color! Criminal is criminal. The democrat candidate is a corrupt criminal.

Barney! Barney! Barney! Relay now - a pathological Liar! When did your get a medical degree! C'mon man! You've been giving gifts to politicians for years! How do you live with yourself? The real question is why in the world does it take so long for the FBI to conduct an investigation. We used to call this stuff Entrapment - now its called Corruption! Really - are we going to put the balance of our state's future on a$100 ticket or 1 night in a hotel room. While we give millions of dollars to For-Profit Charter School Companies and Private Prisons! Really folks - this is way crazy! I don't even have to read Barney's articles to know they are twisted!

John Pru John Pru John Pru I thought I was happy when that race baiting, crooked demagogue Gillum lost —- but after reading your post I am even happier he lost

Andrew Guillam, is a BHO copy cat. Smooth talker with hot air coming out. Oh please , stop with the race card. It’s now at the bottom of the deck. No one cares!

Sounds just like the guy that’s living in the White House. Wish you would be just as critical.

Hooray for you who points out “sounds like that guy” in Washington, DC. There is your supreme irony — it sure sounds like the writer is talking about trump.

Some body else did something bad (never mind what) so that makes it OK is the most childish, low brow , 6 year old mentality comment any one can make

I happen to be a Psychologist. I’ve never spoken with or treated Andrew Gillum so I can’t say whether or not he’s a pathological liar. However, as a reasonably minded and honest person, it’s quite obvious the man is simply a liar. It doesn’t take a medical degree to determine that. He’s dishonest and an extremist. An extremist Governor that leaves to the Left or the Right is bad for any State. Andrew Gillum doesn’t lean to the Left. He is running at break-neck speed to the Left. He’s not only a bad candidate for Florida, he’s actually dangerous for Florida. I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t support either candidate. Quite honestly, I don’t trust anyone running for office. I can assure everyone reading this that if Andrew Gillum is elected Governor, he will go down in Florida history as the worst Governor of all time. His plans for Florida are not financially sustainable and will damage Florida’s economy for decades. His new taxes will significantly hinder Florida Corporations and many won’t tolerate it. I’m the CEO of three Florida Corporations. If Andrew Gillum wins and makes good on his promises to hit Corporations with such a significant tax increase, our Board of Directors have already voted to move our Corporate filings to another state and/or possibly overseas. It would be more cost effective and profitable for us to do that. If the Florida Governor’s Office implements such foolish plans to hike taxes on the money making machines that have made and kept Florida the ultimate economic powerhouse and THE retirement state of the nation, they will be doing with a lot fewer corporations than they have today. There’s one tiny little detail that Andrew Gillum is overlooking when it comes to warming up to Florida corporations so he can dip his greedy little hands into our pockets. Florida corporations can easily move and file in other states and/or overseas and sidestep his dirty little plans. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. Who will be the big loser in that? Not Andrew Gillum and not Florida corporations. Who then? The hard working people in Florida. They will lose their jobs when we move our corporate offices. The Florida government will lose the tax revenue. The Florida economy will go into a slump when corporations do the math... as we’ve already done and recognize that it’s more profitable to leave Florida. We aren’t packing our suitcases just yet. However, if Andrew Gillum wins, we will be handing pink slips to our employees that don’t want to or can’t move out of Florida with us. Sorry Floridians! If your naive or just plain foolish enough to elect Andrew Gillum and trail in behind his plans to take this economically stable state and willfully drive it into a state of welfare and unprecedented debt, you’ll have to do it alone. Florida corporations are more than willing to pay a fair and reasonable tax as we always have. However, the moment you elect a liberal extremist that makes the dash to raid our coffers, we’re going slap his/her hand blood red and show him/her what real power actually looks like. Buckle up Florida!

Not buying that you’re a psychologist.

I thought you were a psychologist not an economist

Way to go! Gillum is not what we want in FL!

Strange (or maybe not) that a web search of "Lawrence Dunlap" and "Psychologist" doesn't come up with an easy-to-find record confirming that "factoid" . . . . . . . . . . much less a search for the "factoid" that "I’m the CEO of three Florida Corporations" . . . . . this also appears to be the first post on SSN under this name . . . . . . . . let's just label this post HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE without further clear proof . . . . . . . . . . . if not, then it's simply . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Lawrence Dunlap doesn’t have to be practicing to be the CEO of a corporation. Did you check under the names of the corporations he is CEO of or do you even know the names of the corporations. More times than not owners/CEO’s do not list their names, they list their agents name. Just curious.

we know gillum will have this state go down so fast its scary we do not want someone like him he is a dream defenders a soros organization that doesnt support the police he is a nightmare for us lets hope that most floridans realize this. im tired of this racist thing he is pulling go away gillum leave this state . vote red

i can see this plainly - guillum is a slick talking FAMU undereducated socialist gangster . to see how far and fast he went all RACIAL at the debate left no doublt. poor de santis had to stand next to this 2 faced schuchster.hes on a par with racist abrams flagburning fatso in georgia. HE IS UNQUALIFIED for anything.

Very well said & God help us if Gillum wins this election!!!!

Woah, you need some couch time there yourself Larry...


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