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The Art of Plantation Politics

July 23, 2018 - 12:45pm

There is nothing like campaign season to cause white politicians to magically get the black Holy Ghost.

It never fails.

Every church they can find, they are in it! Worshiping and talking to Jesus and singing old Negro spirituals like they themselves were raised on the plantation.

Only, once campaign season is over, those congregations never see or hear from those politicians again.

Well, not until the next election cycle rolls around.

Take Philip Levine, who is running for Florida governor.

He has tweeted out photo after photo of him in black places of worship along the I-4 corridor.

I’m expecting him to start rolling around on the floor, speaking in tongues in a minute.

Yet, I’ve not seen one photo of Levine campaigning in a synagogue (he’s Jewish) or a Catholic Church.

Why is it that black voters are thought to adhere to the pied piper syndrome?

Why do white politicians think we are rats, to be led to the polls by a flute-playing person, to vote for them?

This doesn’t happen in ANY other demographic.

Other houses of worship get the respect of not having their time interrupted.

Not black folks. Our religious leaders get offered money to “lead the flock one way or another.”

Don’t say it doesn’t happen, because it does.

These politicians get one person to act like the “coyote” of immigration, and transport them into the churches, where they go all “Hallelujah and praise the Lord.”

It’s comical!

Do black congregations still fall for this tomfoolery?

I hope not.

They have to know that if a politician isn’t a year-round black church-goer, this person is just using the church to get what he or she wants at the moment, and that’s the black Vote.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1



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Gillum Leads in the Latest Poll, and the Attacks Start Again


assuming you are a christian do you vote pro-life?

We joke about this in AA communities across the state. It's a flawed strategy and will get you Butkus. If the party wants to win State wide its gotta spend time in African-American neighborhoods and address those neighborhood needs year round. The church people are gonna vote anyway they are joiners and quiet is kept many of those pastors are Republicans.

Peter just took a shot at your beloved candidate's TV ad.

Shut up cow.

nice wig...not

Pull yourself out of the past soon to be discarded racism politics. That equality goal was reached many years ago. Black leaders have been sucessful in blinding minorities to the advantages of freedom available to everyone now for some time if one is willing to take responsibility for one's own life. YouTube's "Prager University" and "Diamond and SIlk" give me hope and the humor necessary to keep my sanity through the Trump Derangement Syndrom period in our nation's history

She is speaking on a prime complaint in the African American communities thruout the state. If the party and the Democratic candidates would listen to her this state would be a solid Blue.

Leslie is so correct on this whitiee's getting jungle fever about. 6 months out from any major election. 98% of plantation politics is conducted every day of the year by the liberal city governments by giving unaccountal big money to the local reverends in the powerful black churches. That my dear is the real plantation politics.

Racism and political exploitation of African Americans is the blood in the veins of the Demshevik Criminal Enterprise. The five pillars of Demslam (rhymes with islam) are DICTC: deceit, incompetence, corruption, tyranny, and cowardice.

Wimes' wet dream crush on Gillum never more apparent.

Dave Manning, you are always talking about Gillum in a sexual way. I think YOU want him for yourself.

Ms. Wimes, congratulations on the most oblique way of supporting Andrew Gillum anybody could come up with. He seems like a smart man, he's come along way by his own hard work, and is a gifted public speaker. But the cloud in Tallahassee is a problem. I doubt he's done anything wrong, but Republicans will make mincemeat out of him in a general election anyway. BTW, black churches have always been welcoming places, led the fight for civil rights so it's only natural that anyone who wants to govern Florida go there and show respect by the visit. How many Republican presidents have declined to attend the NAACP conventions...yes, before excoriating white Democrats, think about it. Good luck with Andrew anyway.

What a load of BS. You keep skirting the issue that Wimes points out. Why don’t these politicians visit non-black churches???

Blacks represent 17% of the population of Florida and Hispanics 20%. Naturally, politicians are going to suck up to those groups of people. At 37% of the population ... they're a very SIGNIFICANT swing vote! If the Democrats get 'em and keep 'em ... the Democrats will be able to take over Florida politics and run the state as long as they retain that Black and Hispanic support. These two groups are W-A-Y M-O-R-E important in terms of votes than any other constituency in Florida!

Oh yeah, let's bring Hillary and Obama into this paid-political-advertisement by Ms. Wimes! Querida, Blacks are not the only demographic pandered to, and Democrat politicians are certainly not the only ones doing it. Plenty of Republican pandering to people of color, women, evangelicals, and other groups happen all the time. Like tRump probably never stepped in a church before running for office, and his only mention of Jesus what when he was having sex with his paid "mistresses". Or Marquito Rubio never stops talking about the "communists" (to him all Democrats and/or liberals are communists!), but is ok with tRump kissing Putin's gluteus maximus in front of the world with no demands for human rights abuses, oppressing his people, murdering his opponents, invading neighboring countries, supporting Iran/Syria/Cuba/Venezuela/Nicaragua, etc. It happens to everyone, and it's perpetrated by ALL parties. So please get off your hateful rant and talk about how we as minorities can get to the polls on election day so the white supremacist nodders on this "publication" lose their power to attack from a position of majority, 'cos minorities sticking together create a new majority, and then we can get stuff done.

It's like Gay Pride and taking photos. Many don't really want to, but feel they have to, like on gay marriage too. But I have yet, yet to see republicans do it. At least it shows a getting to know the community.

It's like Gay Pride and taking photos. Many don't really want to, but feel they have to, like on gay marriage too. But I have yet, yet to see republicans do it. At least it shows a getting to know the community.

It's like Gay Pride and taking photos. Many don't really want to, but feel they have to, like on gay marriage too. But I have yet, yet to see republicans do it. At least it shows a getting to know the community.

Triple post oops

Seriously? Republicans pander to blacks? Millie Herrera you are one dumb broad!! No wonder you couldn’t win an election in Miami Dade!!!

Millie Herrera has run more races than anyone I know, and never won a single one. Anyone taking ANY advice from this perpetual loser is insane! This is about churches. I guess Millie sees herself in this column, only her trips into black churches resulted in ZERO wins!!

Hahahahahaha! Anonymous, lack of courage to say your name, yes, I ran for state representative twice and did not win, but I did run, which is more that you and a lot others don't do, and I visited ZERO, 0, ZILCH churches, thank you very much. But you would know that if you really knew me.

Yeah Millie Herrera, you probably didn’t go into black churches. You Cubans have the highest instance of racism in Miami there is. You probably thought you were too good!

You ran for DEC Chair...LOST!!

Hanging around black churches like Chester the molester is the least of his faults! He just put some *** cancer employee in an ad for Political points! If that doesn’t say slimy, I don’t know what does!!

But the worst one yet is Jeff Greene. Talking about teachers pay in public education when he owns a string of private schools. It's laughable and most of his commercials are predominantly visiting black folks. I wish they would all go swim up the river.

The whole truth, and nothing but the truth! I hate it when they come to my church!

Thankfully, Jesus knows better...

Are you sure this isn't a comedy spot?

Do not treat anyone any differently by association according to race. Your title references to a time that none of us had anything to do with further stokes the fires of division. It is really just hateful rhetoric. However, if a white person where to say something like that, then of course it would be racist...hypocrisy abounds...


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