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Audrey Gibson Couldn't Just Admit She Was Wrong and Apologize?

April 11, 2019 - 7:00am
Randy Fine
Randy Fine

Senate Democratic Leader Audrey Gibson’s "press conference" Wednesday was a disingenuous attempt to deflect from two days of remarkable rhetoric that was both inappropriate and insensitive.  

Two days ago Leader Gibson said fighting anti-Semitism was "divisive."  Yesterday she described fighting anti-Semitism as the "wrong battle" and anti-Semites as the "wrong enemy." And Wednesday, rather than simply apologizing and admitting she was wrong, she blamed those who have called out her refusal to acknowledge anti-Semitism as a serious issue.  (Editor's note: See the whole of press conference on The Florida Channel here.)

Audrey Gibson
Audrey Gibson
She claimed she didn’t understand the bill but did not accept responsibility for her own supposed failure to do due diligence in advance. She blamed me for how she has been characterized -- despite my explicitly not calling either her or her remarks anti-Semitic. She falsely claimed a Jewish organization “apologized” to her for not adequately explaining why fighting anti-Semitism is important.

No one should need that explanation. And the only person who owes an apology is Audrey Gibson. However, rather than simply apologizing, she tripled down on this divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. If she really wished to apologize for stating that fighting anti-Semitism was the ‘wrong battle’ and that anti-Semites are not the "enemy," she would not blame others for her own prejudice. Her words were obviously disingenuous, without substance, and simply political talking points carefully crafted for an attempted political outcome.

It is my continuing hope that the other 13 Democratic members of the Senate who did not stand behind her for that press conference, including all of the Jewish members, hold her accountable. All I know is this: I’m awfully glad she’s not my leader.


This Dem Jew is becoming an Independent on Monday.Lets send all the new illegals to Sanctuary cities.Bernie is a fake Jew with a 95% white demographic in his state of Vermont per US CENSUS .Feinstein,Schumer and shill Schiff all deserve illegals in their homes.They do nothing about immigration

..Stop jewSupremacists 'Fascism, Demagoguery, Tyranny and Terrorism' !!!!! now jewZombies are passing laws so that jews like anyone else 'can't be criticized,' so that they can continue their crimes against gentile, Muslims, Democrats and murder of Palestinian children, ...from jewKushner, jewAIPAC, jewZuckerberg and the jewOligarchy America has become a jewDictatorship, for the jewAgenda i.e. the United States of Israel.

Frank your hate for Jews really shows.As a Jew myself show me some of you BS anti semitic hate.Bet you pray to a Mussolini statue

Yep, Americans for Trump here in Broward is attended by the Black Americans for Trump and the Jewish Americans for Trump leaders who are educating their followers to "Walk Away". It is happening right before our eyes and about time for these ethnic groups to realize they are missing out on all the great opportunities Trump is making happen for ALL of us. The blinders are coming off fast. Nothing like an abundance of good jobs with raising wages to encourage people to drop those "labeled blinders" and support the guy who is DOING great things for us , not just spouting ancient history to keep many of our people of color, women and just plain poor people of all backgrounds pinned down on the plantation by ignorance of what they are missing. Shame on them for always playing that age-old race card.

As for me, I am getting fed up with Randy pushing his Jewishness down my throat, we already have laws that already do this, we don't need another law. Stop wasting time and start working for all the people of Florida.

Oh another far left parrot troll. And an anti-Semite too

I agree with Gibson and she wasn't "wrong"!

Vote grab, we lost on Felons, so let's court the Jews away from the Dems... Classic move, or perhaps you are just uninformed and believe the BS being slung at you constantly. It is already against the law to discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, ethnicity and religion. The evidence shows that the majority of uneducated males vote for a reality TV buffoon that is clearly not a Dem and clearly not Jewish, but he has family ties to a criminal Jewish family that is also not Dem.This is just to bring attention to their new love for us Jews. Give me a break people, wake up fools...

“Josiah Berkowitz “ you’re the far left parrot troll pretending to be someone you’re not

Good point!

Typical progressive Democrat pabulum spewed by an anti-Semite. And with Netanyahu having been re-elected as Israel's PM yesterday, the socialists are in funk that rivals the aftermath of Hillary's monumental loss. No longer are the Dems the party of the Jewish voters and many are fleeing along with their support to moderate Republican and Independent camps. The Dems have been played the Jews for chums for way too long and have now finally woke up and smelled the coffee.

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