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Democratic Debate Duke-Out

June 11, 2018 - 9:30am


Saturday’s Debate between four of the five democratic candidates for Governor was, as the young kids say, LIT!

We finally see some of the candidates showing they are, indeed, willing to stand up and fight for Floridians.

Chris King was a pleasure to watch. He certainly is showing his knowledge, and his progressive bona fides! 

He didn’t pull any punches when it came to Gwen Graham.

Unlike others, he let her know in no uncertain terms that her last name and her daddy were not going to let her off the hook for casting questionable votes, and basically not standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves.

King let Graham know it takes more than being present in Congress for two years, and not doing anything. In short, Floridians need a champ, not a chump!

Graham’s one attempt to go on the attack has been the subject of laughter since the debate ended. When she shrill-ly yelled : “Tell’em about the coal plant, Andrew,” all that did was remind people of her Keystone XL Pipeline vote and the fact that her family is building a mega-mall in Miami. She is NOT a champion of the environment, and she shot a blank on that one. It was sad, really.

Andrew Gillum excited the crowd, as he usually does. There is no mistaking his charisma, and his ability to get the voters fired up. 

The highlight of the debate came at the expense of Philip Levine!

The crowd booed him after he proclaimed himself the frontrunner, highlighting the fact that polls showed Hillary Clinton the frontrunner, and voters saying something totally different once they cast their actual votes.

Remember, she lost Florida.

Democratic voters didn’t treat Levine as the frontrunner at the debate, and his face during the chorus of boos told the tale.

The frontrunner fiasco wasn’t the only gotcha moment for Levine.

During Marco Rubio’s initial run for U.S. Senate, one of his donors was none other than Philip Levine, to the tune of $2,400.

Levine did not donate to the Democratic nominee, Kendrick Meek.

How long before mock checks, such as the one shown to this page, start floating around, showing that Philip Levine donated to tea-party darling Marco Rubio?

Tonight’s debate should be very interesting. Click here for details on where and when to watch. It seems as though Levine and Graham don’t do very well in front of live audiences!

I’m sure they will try to overcompensate for the flubs, and flub again.

I’ll be watching.


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1



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So let's review the Democrat party platform for 2018. Raise taxes, coddle criminals, punish law abiding gun owners and increase the number of sanctuary cities. Sounds like the Democrat party is going down faster than Ted Kennedys Oldsmobile.

It was a bunch of hee-haw... can't see much of o future for ANY socialist Democrat.

It is funny how people spin things to make it sound good for the people they like. I actually thought Graham and Levine did the best. They showcased to have done the most in their careers politically. They received the most noise, both for and against from the crowd. King and Gillum were the definite losers here. They were both hit with inexperience issues and had gotcha moments they could not recover from. It is a 2 horse race in my opinion and those around me at the event at this point...

What Debate were you at? It certainly wasn’t Saturday night’s. You clearly have been using bath salts buddy. Gwen Graham got taken to the woodshed by Chris Kkng. Philip Levine got his @ss handed to him. They both got out of there as fast as they could. I know the truth hurts, but you are in serious denial. Every article written has Levine getting blasted by the crowd, and Graham getting blasted by King. Maybe you need one of Graham’s hugs to make you feel better.

this is clearly one of Gillum's 3 supporters. You were spot on, "I was there"... I saw the same things you did...

You people have Gillum Anxiety Disorder. For once, the column really isn’t focused on Gillum, and you are still seeing Gillum behind every corner. You truly have a fear of black and brown people.

your right, he is notoriously absent from the article, except of course to praise him and state the crowd was fired up by Gillum and there is no doubting his obvious charisma. What a load of shit! We have no fear of black or brown people. However, we vote based on issues and fitness for the office, not just the color of skin. You should try it sometime, although we know you won't. When Gillum finishes last, you will just stay home and pout...

I was there. The boos were worse live. The crowd didn’t like Levine at all. They didn’t like Graham too much either, but it wasn’t on the same level as Levine. Chris King did well. The crowd were Gillum fans too.

So who made the crowd boo Levine? Wimes, Levine’s opponents? Scott? Who made Levine donate to Rubio? Wimes? Levine’s opponents? Scott? Diane, you are a fool. Just stop. Levine had a bad showing. Accept it.

Levine is far ahead in the polls than the other Dem candidates, so it makes sense his opponents, Republicans and Scott's supporters like Wimes and SSN would attack Levine. More negative info is needed before Levine is kicked out.

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