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DeSantis Kicks Off Deregathon in Orlando

February 1, 2019 - 9:00am

Gov. Ron DeSantis kicked off the start of Deregathon Thursday alongside First Lady Casey DeSantis, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez and Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Secretary Halsey Beshears at Valencia College in Orlando.

 The one-day event held in conjunction with Florida’s Professional Licensing Boards aims to find solutions to harmful regulations facing Floridians, to strengthen the state’s economy.

“We’re working hard to reduce barriers to opportunity for the people of Florida.” said DeSantis. “Florida needs a licensure system that protects consumers but doesn’t put up roadblocks for people to succeed. Bold and appropriate deregulation will continue to be a top priority of my administration and we’re looking forward to getting the job done to open new opportunities for Floridians.”

“Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy, which is why it is essential the State of Florida focus on paring back burdensome regulation,” said Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez. “This will not only spur more economic growth, it will remove burdens holding back many of Florida’s industries. Cutting red tape will help create a climate that is good for both those starting a business, and those growing one. The idea is to reduce bureaucracy in order to allow individuals and businesses to regain control, develop the workforce and boost innovation for our great state.”

“Needless regulations make it difficult for Floridians to enter the profession, start new businesses and stay in the profession of their choosing,” said Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Halsey Beshears. “The Florida Deregathon is an important first step toward developing a reasonable regulatory approach that gives more Floridians access to a stable job and clear career path.”

Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Joe Gruters celebrated the governor Thursday for putting on a Deregathon event.

“Once again, we see promises made and promises kept by Governor DeSantis,” Gruters said in a written statement.  “DeSantis campaigned on championing both small and large businesses to continue making Florida one of the most attractive states to do business in.  Today’s Deregathon event is proof that this governor is committed to cutting ineffective and outdated government regulations, while creating an environment that promotes growth and success for the people of Florida.” 


Florida regulates to protect the consumer and its business professionals. Please look at expanding the training in the hair braiding industry and not deregulate it. This is a trending profession ever since it became law however, the statutes need to be rewritten to include hands-on training. My program teaches that and we are using the books published by Milady's Publishing Company. If you want to discuss further I can be reached at 727 321-9832

That's classic rent seeking and should be what DeSantis is trying to reduce, not expand.

"De-regulation" is Republican hokum ... or ... maybe it's bunkum? (Whichever. Either way, it's pure crapola.)

So what does professional licensing have to do with eliminating or reducing government red tape? It is government regulations and not licensing that thwarts small business!!

What you fail to understand Howard isn't that the licenses themselves create the bulk of the red tape. They just establish the Licensing Board, who then create the generally self-serving rules that protect those already in the "Licensed" profession against change, innovation, and most importantly the competition that those things bring, rather than the stated purpose of "Protecting the Public", or "Assuring Competence". The ONLY thing licensing guarantees is HIGHER consumer costs. Whether they reach their stated goal in the particular profession being dealt with is an individual, but unlikely scenario. Objective studies show little protection, or assurance of competence arise from licensing any profession. More often than not the regulations promulgated by the licensing boards are self, or special interest serving, rather than serving either the public's interest, or fulfilling their established mandate. But, always they drive up costs to consumers, and restrict both access to goods and services and competition. A great read for more information is "Bottleneckers" Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit by William Mellor, and Dick M. Carpenter II, PhD.

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