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Gwen Graham Flip-Flops Again

April 19, 2018 - 2:00pm

All it took was John Morgan, the father of Florida’s marijuana movement, to call Gwen Graham out on her position on legalizing marijuana for her to start doing political gymnastics again!

She did a triple back flip in less than four hours!

During the first Democratic gubernatorial debate, Graham said this regarding legalizing marijuana:

Graham: "I believe we have got to get the medical marijuana firmly implemented and having everyone taking advantage of it. And then we can talk about further steps.”

John Morgan tweeted to the world:

“If @GwenGraham is a no on full legalization, I am a no on Gwen. She is a friend but not a friend to those incarcerated for pot crimes: the poor, minorities, young people.

This is not a general election, this is the FL Democratic primary. Gwen say it ain’t so! #NoSmokeIsAJoke”

It didn’t take long for Gwen to offer up a different position to Morgan, proving that she will say anything, and do anything, including stretch the truth, to win the Governor’s mansion.

Graham quickly offered this up to Morgan:  

“@JohnMorganESQ, I am for getting medical marijuana done in the broadest possible way to ensure patients have access to the medicinal products they choose, including smokable.

And I'm for decriminalizing, because no one should have their lives ruined or go to jail over marijuana.”

What Gwen Graham says isn’t what Gwen Graham will do. She showed us that while she was in Congress. (Keystone Pipeline, gun control, Syrian refugees, weakening ObamaCare).

Oh, and the “PTA mom” doesn’t know about the state education budget.

She will tell you what you want to hear as long as she can get what she wants.

I ask the question again:

Will the real Gwen Graham please stand up?


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


"Nepotism" is a dirty word; and in the "political dictionary", Gwen Graham's picture is right next to it (Just ask the Voters in the Panhandle "Congressional District 2"): Florida's Voters should REJECT Gwen at all costs,.. for their own sake, and the sake of their families... Gwen is ALL "show", and NO "go". Exercise caution now < and on your ballot >, and you won't be sorry later...

I assume you levy similar criticisms equally on the left and right

Yes,..but only where deserved or earned !

I assume you levy similar criticisms equally on the left and right

Sometimes to "commenters" who radiate stupidity and are ignorant and dumber than dirt (regardless of "party affiliation")...and politicians who "sign off" as "anonymous" (which is ALSO how they legislate and represent their constituents); sometimes these are also lawyer/politicians who ALWAYS function sub-rosa anyway...

So Breezy. Is that your "legal name"? Or are you guilty of being what you claim to dislike? I just can't consider you seriously because you don't have the guts to post under your own name, but dare to call out others. Hypocrisy is ugly.

You sound worried, "C Breeze". As well you should be. Gwen is a native Floridian - for all Floridians and Florida. Tell Trump about your concerns with "nepotism".

NEVER worried, NEVER afraid,.. ALWAYS prepared to "puncture the balloons" of idiots, incompetents, morons, political bullies, and mal-educated, history deficient, self-important, pompous azzez! (You're in that "batch" somewhere "Robbie-boy"...)

C Breeze - Often wrong, but never in doubt.

Gotcha !

sounds like a self portrait fat boy, take your fat can back to NY...



Yep. If you say so, "C Breeze". But I would get off the self promotion thing.

Gotcha too !

Your boy admits that he gets his news from the Tallahassee Democrat. Enough said. #NotQualified

Gwen Graham flip flopping? how about that bozo the clown looking Gillum. That fool was boasting that his city defied a statewide law requiring local governments to do away with gun ordinances that are stricter than those imposed in Florida law. That was so all the criminals have ready access to guns. Must be the reason that little ol' Tally leads the state in crime increases. He also went on to push for legalization of marijuana so he and all his homies can smoke blunts on the corner without fear of the slammer. Vote for Gillum, weak on Crime, and even weaker on ethics. Power to the hoods everywhere...

Who is Gwen Graham? I never heard of her. From the photo it looks like she should join a female quartet and resurrect the Supremes. She sounds like she comes to the table with too little and too late.

Ooops.... I mistook the photo in the article for the candidate, a simple search pulled up Mrs. Grahams information. In briefly looking over her cv she sounds like a person who has been close to the political atmosphere of Florida. From her wiki article "In 2003, Graham joined her father's 2004 presidential campaign. When he dropped out of the race following a heart attack, Graham joined Howard Dean's presidential campaign, before ultimately helping coordinate John Kerry's campaign efforts in Florida. Graham worked for Leon County Schools as an administrator, including as director of employee relations." Seems she has been backing a bunch of losers so far, and she is a lawyer married to a lawyer, a little too much for me. Although Mr. Morgan is a lawyer, he has one big thing in his favor Proposition 2, that is one big feather in his cap and he did not back off or flip-flop so I listen to him.

No one has flip flopped more than the moron in the white house, who is the leader of your sad excuse for a political party. Leslie, face it, your party is getting its ass handed to it in November. Take your uncle Tom opinions home.

You do realize she is a huge Democratic hack right ( in addition to liar, racist, and bad and biased writer)? She is pushing Andrew Gillum for Governor.

About "hacks"... Got a real name "D"?

Grow up and get out of your Moms basement.

Uncle Tom - how original.

I always wonder if these people would talk this trash in Leslie’s face. I’m convinced they wouldn’t!!

I'm convinced too ! You're "missing the boat" Lesllie, could be a REAL "contender" !

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