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Gwen Graham, Jeff Greene Exchange Fire in Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Primary

August 7, 2018 - 12:00pm
Gwen Graham and Jeff Greene
Gwen Graham and Jeff Greene

With three weeks to go until the primary, two of the top contenders running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination exchanged fire on Tuesday. 

Billionaire Jeff Greene came out swinging at former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, D-Fla., noting that her family allowed the American Dream MegaMall and theme park to be built on land they own. Greene insisted this development would hurt the Everglades. 

“These are the facts: Gwen Graham’s land is being used to develop a monstrosity that puts the Everglades in danger. Every environmental group in Florida is in visceral opposition to the American Dream MegaMall,” says Greene. “If she is committed to fighting for the Everglades and being an environmental leader, she shouldn’t allow this development to happen. Gwen Graham is running for governor. She can’t do one thing and say another.”

Greene conceded on Tuesday that former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., the father of the gubernatorial candidate, had an excellent record. “But Gwen Graham is no Bob Graham,” Greene insisted. 

Greene also slammed Gwen Graham for supporting the Keystone XL pipeline and voting to roll Dodd-Frank and former President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law. He also attempted to connect her record to the American Dream development. 

“Instead of doubling down on her poor track record, it’s time for Gwen Graham to admit she was wrong and to call on her family to end this atrocious abuse of the Everglades,” Greene added. 

Graham fired back on Tuesday, noting that she had the support of the Everglades Trust and showcasing a new ad in which she punches back at Greene. 

“A billionaire opponent is attacking me personally – even falsely attacking my dad, Bob Graham,” Graham says in the ad. “It’s disappointing. Because the truth is I’ve been endorsed by respected environmentalists, including the Everglades Trust. And after twenty years of Republican rule, false negative ads won’t do anything to repair our environment, health care or public schools.”

Graham’s camp also hit Greene’s investments, claiming he “is refusing to disclose how much stock he owns in oil companies that are trying to drill off Florida’s beaches or gas companies fracking across the country.”

Polls have Graham ahead of the Democratic field with three weeks to go with Greene battling former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine for second. Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Orlando businessman Chris King are also running for the Democratic nomination. 


Gwen Graham will be the next Governor of Florida...

That's Greene's MO. He's done it in every race he's lost, which is all of them...

current polls have either front runner (Graham or Levine, Graham even better) spanking Butnam and absolutely crushing TreSantis... Great news either

I like Ted Cruze (comments) defending BOB Graham's record as if that's relevant. That's Gwen's crutch, her daddy and most voters see that. Greene will overtake her with his ads. Either DeSantis or Putnam will crush Greene afterward, 60-40.

DeSantis has no personality and has no business running for governor. He is a stooge of Trump, an insider in the Washington cabal that wants to destroy the United States Constitution and substitute a fascist dictatorship.

I was for Putnam for a while, even though I am not a fan of big sugar.. but DeSantis has an incredible resume.. plus his political policies are like Trump, but he doesn't have Trump's baggage of the 'Russian hoax' and the 'locker room talk'.

TreSantis and Trump are both cut from the same cloth, both idiots...

In defense of Jeff Greene (who easily has the best advertising on either side), if you're going to run on your connections, it's fair game.

Talk about a weak bench. So basically the 2018 Dem platform is punish law abiding gun owners, raise taxes and turn Florida into New Jersey. Sounds like a winner.

Harry, is that the best you got? NJ needs you dummy...-

Gwen is perhaps the most formidable democratic. Chris King is trying so hard to be progressive that is comes off unauthentic. Plus his voice and facial expressions are off putting. Gillum, sorry dude, maybe 10% of the population in FL is as socialist as you are, but that is it. Greene is a crook, anyone that wants to call Rick Scott a crook can not with a clean conscious say Greene is not that same, as a Republican I acknowledge Scott's wrong doings, but I don't expect my politicians to be morally superior. Most dems do... or at least they pretend to when it comes to Republican candidates. Finally, Levine, who I suspect Gwen may choose as her running mate, is so desperate, I actually feel a little bad for him. He did nothing for Miami Beach, his "sustainability pumps" and he is well known for having very thin skin...he blocks reporters on twitter.

The statuesque Ms. Graham will be able to see over the piles of "stuff" strewn about the halls of government in Tainted Tallahassee and guide the necessary repairs to the "system" that have been inflicted by her predecessor.

Two things remain Jeff: 1. Get a few scientests in white lab coats to state the mall in the glads will cause an increase in that stink alge down stream. 2. There's a but-load of stink to expose in her role she played in a Leon County School Board scandel. Do the old 1 -2 hit on her and pack your bags for that mansion in Tallahassee.

I guess you are on board the character assassination bandwagon of Billionaire Greene.

ANYbody but another Republican! And, by the way, the Graham family business has NOTHING to do with the American Dream Mall other than selling a small portion of the land required to the company that's actually trying to develop and build the mall. In fact, Bob Graham was the first political figure in Florida actually promoting the cause of saving the Everglades and he initiated the state and federal efforts that have been developed over time to serve that end. Greene is misrepresenting realty ... just as Trump, Scott and all their wingnuts do with their "alternative facts".

I find it hypocritical that the man that became a billionaire because of short-sales causing the 2007/2008 recession is calling out Graham for her family developing land they have owned for generations. I live within 10 miles of the development site and I hate it! American Nightmare Mall. It is savy for Greene though to tire her to this, but still hypocritical. I'm not voting for either, but it is sure fun to watch the mud fight on the other side for once. Keep at it!

Ms Graham brings a fresh and exciting approach to the governors job

While it would be exciting to have a Democratic governor again, and she would get my vote, there's nothing exciting about Gwen.

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