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Hill Responds to Calls for Apology

June 6, 2019 - 7:15am
Mike Hill
Mike Hill

Amid calls from Republicans and Democrats to apologize for his response to a comment about executing gay people, state Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, issued a statement Wednesday saying he regrets “how the tone of my response to a constituent was received.”

For days, Hill has faced pressure to apologize for chuckling at a suggestion that he should introduce legislation based on a Bible verse that a constituent said would allow a man who has an affair with another man to be “put to death.” The question was asked by a man at an event held by Women for Responsible Legislation in Pensacola.

“I apologize for not directly responding to the fact that the premise for this question was inaccurate,” Hill said in a statement. “I deeply regret how the tone of my response to a constituent was received at this event.”

Hill said he believes “all lives are created equal in the image of God,” regardless of sexual orientation. In the prepared statement, Hill sought to correct the constituent’s understanding of the Bible verse involved in the controversy. “If the man was referring to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, that text says nothing about anyone being put to death,” Hill said. “It simply states people who practice various sins will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Democrats have called for Hill’s resignation, but House spokesman Fred Piccolo said the speaker’s office has not received formal complaints. Without a complaint alleging a violation of law or a House rule, Piccolo said Speaker Jose Oliva “can’t act in any capacity until next session.” If a complaint is filed, it would be looked into by the House Public Integrity & Ethics Committee, he said.

Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, an Orlando Democrat who is gay, said Hill issued a "fake apology," and suggested Oliva should strip him of committee assignments. "Does he really deserve to continue serving on the House Public Integrity & Ethics Committee, let alone the Legislature?" Smith asked. Oliva has called on Hill to apologize.


Just a Republitrump being a Republitrump! Never do the right thing. Never apologize.

Sad all these gotcha subjects rule the day in the left8sts world. Mature and thoughtful is NEVER on the agenda. Grow up!!!

I "2nd" THAT !!!!!

Why can't politicians and other big shots learn a lesson we were taught as children? When you make a mistake, immediately own up to it; apologize; don't do it again. People will forgive and move on. This entire episode is yet another example of losing face while trying to save face by avoidance...and half apologies don't work either, may be even worse. A truthful, quick and simple apology is vastly less painful than this protracted drama. Of course, if he actually agrees homosexuals should be executed, he should own that and the consequences of such thinking. How can a politician be so dumb?

In other words he is sorry he got caught being the bigot he is...………….. Another example of ignorant religious hate normal in much of the repub party...………......When people are born they are a mixture of a female and male......….Sometimes what comes out is a male looking body with a female brain, where sex really is, ones thoughts is about 5% of the population...…….. And what happens to those with male and female sex organs?...….....Or no sex organs?...…….........This happens in 1% of the population or so...……...So do you stone them too?...…...…...….All these happened because of the way they were born, not they thought and should be helped instead of hurt, hated, jailed even...…...….....And I say this as an old white southern straight man with understanding, compassion, real facts, something too many repubs have forgot like this one making religion look very badly.........And you wonder why people are leaving repub party and religion in droves, Hill, this is a major reason why.…........

Tee hee, ha ha, ho ho, Ooops, sorry...I APOLOGIZE "Jerry", you moron..! (OK, "case closed", move along, nothing to see here any longer..., since I APOLOGIZED !

C'mon Tinkerbell/C B, stop jerking off, grow up.

How simpler life could be without the bible or the koran. Historically speaking, how far back does homosexuality go? Do you think there were homosexuals in the times of Jesus? The ancient Greeks had homosexuality in the times of Plato, that was around 400 years before Jesus. I wonder how far back can this social practice be traced.

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