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Jason Carter: A Cautionary Tale for Gwen Graham Supporters

May 29, 2018 - 6:00am

Have you heard the saying that nothing is ever new? Well, in the case of Gwen Graham, that saying rings VERY true.

No, I’m not talking about the fact that Florida Democrats have run centrist candidates for governor and lost the last four times.

We are all aware of that fact.

McBride. Davis. Sink. Crist. 

Lost. Lost. Lost. Lost.

I’m talking about the whole “my family has great name recognition that I get through osmosis, coupled with I’m chasing Republican votes, so I’m going to win” strategy.

McBride, Davis, Sink, and Crist didn’t have that “family name” thing going for them.

Jason Carter did.

Jason Carter is the grandson of President Jimmy Carter. As you know, President Carter was also the governor of Georgia.

Democrats rolled out the red carpet for Jason Carter.

Not only did they believe he was the “golden one” because he carried the Carter name and lineage. Jason Carter also played to Republicans.

He, just like Gwen Graham did when she ran for Congress, played to the gun crowd.

He thought he was the one who could get the Republican votes. So he chased them. 

Albeit, Jason took it a bit further than Graham, and voted for the Safe Carry Protection Act, which allowed gun owners to carry guns into many public and private places. He was one to chase after what we consider now to be the Trump voters that Gwen Graham wants.

Carter wanted those votes so badly that he said he would NOT oppose the Sons of Confederate Veterans-backed license plates that had a picture of a confederate flag on it, if he were elected.

Now, I don’t think Gwen Graham would back that NOW, given all the latest controversy, nor do I think she would travel around singing her father Bob Graham’s song to be a “Graham Cracker Backer” while courting NASCAR voters, but that’s only because of the outcry against confederate monuments and the confederate flags.

If the outcry wasn’t there, you can bet that would be a part of Gwen Graham’s repertoire, just like her father’s “workdays.” After all, she’s repeating her father’s legacy, right?

To include the death penalty and all that went with it. (That disproportionately affects African Americans, by the way.)

Jason Carter
Jason Carter

Make no mistake, though. The Graham strategy is to chase Republican votes.

Why else would she be open to David Jolly as a running mate, even though she was forced to walk that back after a swift and severe backlash?

The reality is, she truly is VERY CONSERVATIVE. There isn’t anything progressive about her except the soup she might eat or the car insurance she might have.

Back to Jason Carter.

Even with his name, his connection to President Jimmy Carter, and the fact that Democrats laid out the red carpet for his candidacy, he lost.

52.7 percent to 44.9 percent.

Georgians didn’t want Republican-lite.

Democrats didn’t want it. Republicans didn’t want it.

Even if it came wrapped in a name and a legacy.

There will be no difference in Florida.

Even now, the ONLY reason Gwen Graham is as far as she is, is BECAUSE she is a Graham.

Be honest with yourselves. If her name were Gwen Smith, and she had two years of elected office experience, would anyone honestly give her the time of day?

Actually, if her name were Gwen Smith, she wouldn’t even have those two years of elected office experience, because “Daddy” won that race, she didn’t.

But just like Jason Carter won his position as a Georgia state senator before getting clocked in the gubernatorial race, that’s a big difference from winning the top spot in the entire state.

Pretending that what happened with Jason Carter won’t happen with Gwen Graham is foolish.

If she is the nominee, she WILL lose.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1



Skank, Oh, My!

Gwen Graham Flip-Flops Again


who cares, give me the Murphy/Jolly ticket and let's get some real change going on... all the rest is just rhetoric and/or has beens or wannabes...

Look at these people crying over an article! Lol!

Leslie's BFF

Speak the truth Sis. The FDP are a bunch of professional losers who try to destroy the careers of other democrats that point out the fact that they are incompetent. Keep on doing what your doing.

If the polls are to be believed, that creepy little communists Phil Levine has it in the bag. There you go Gwen, you say Centrist Dems don't win. Your theory is about to be tested. Phil " I'll turn your state into New Jersey" Levine is about as hard Left as you can get.

The Fedex incident make some think twice and him look more like a tool!

So Chuck O’Neal and Diane Brown are going to spend the entire day ranting and raving in the comments on this column? These two morons are pathetic. Hey Nikki Barnes, can I join your “Chuck O’Neal can go EFF himself Committee”??

Leslie ^^^

I would thing of it was Leslie, she would call them skanks, wouldn’t you??

Yep! Lol!

What a great gig for both of you! You can both exhibit all the class and charm that you share while utilizing your incredible skills with the English language.

Another one that is obsessed with Leslie and her columns. Why do you read her columns? Is it that difficult to pass them by? I have never seen so many people who are so consumed with this woman and her writing, hate her so much, yet live for her every word! Get therapy!

Stepping on trash is therapeutic. It makes the trash easier to handle and it builds leg muscle. Make no mistake, Sunshine State News is digital trash.

Does that help you sleep at night, telling yourself that? I’m reading these comments and you’ve made so many. You are obsessed like someone pointed out. Completely, and utterly obsessed. You are a grown man doing this. You look weak and pathetic.

Weak and pathetic is hiding behind a pen name or “Anonymous.” At least have an ounce of courage and identify yourself.

Exactly what do you think you would do then tough guy..

There are a lot of wannabe journalists who create false comparisons and read minds in order to write an exploitative slop.

And then there are these wannabe critics who run to these stories offering up their two cents when they only have one in the bank. You’re here commenting quite a bit for someone who doesn’t read “Sunshine State News.” P.S. Don’t forget to share the article.

Someone really needs to investigate if the Fanjul brothers are breaking FEC rules by hiring Leslie to post these political advertisements within the proper disclaimer at the bottom.

So, Leslie, it’s big sugar who is paying you to defame Gwen Graham.

Who’s paying you to prop her up?

Humm. I wonder who "anonymous" could be. Now, let me guess.......

"Nepotistic Gwennie" has been defaming HERSELF for years: FOR FREE ! Incompetence (like Leopard's spots) cannot be recreated nor erased...!

Nepotism relates to someone in power hiring his/her relatives. Bob Graham has not been in office for years. But the English language was never your strong suit, Leslie.

Chuck O’Neal doesn’t like black people because Randy Bracy beat the crap out of him when he tried to run for the Florida Senate. Didn’t you guys know that? He has had this sick vendetta ever since!


Wow! Do you see Leslie in your sleep, too?

Is that what it is? WOW!

Fake news from a digital trash generator. Neither of you have any credibility whatsoever, or else you’d be writing for Florida Politics instead of this cesspool.

Chuck O’Oneal, dude, you talk about credibility. Count how many times you have responded on this column. YOU are the biggest supporter! Do you realize how stupid you really look? If Florida Politics is your thing, why aren’t you over there? How could you possibly see this column? You, just like the rest of us, Read Leslie’s columns every time she writes them. Love her or hate her, and clearly you hate her, she pulls in the readers! No Florida writer seems to do that consistently as Leslie except maybe Politico. They have some good stories! I’ll see you on her next one, cause I’ll be reading it, you’ll be reading it, and so will all the rest of florida.


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