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Mark Inch Will Serve as DeSantis' Department of Corrections Secretary

January 4, 2019 - 6:00am
Mark Inch
Mark Inch

Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis announced Thursday the appointment of former director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and retired United States Army Major General Mark Inch as secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections. 

 "Mark Inch is an exceptional leader who has dedicated his life to serving and protecting our country at home and abroad," said DeSantis. "Mark is one of the foremost experts on criminal justice, having directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons and I am proud to have him bring his knowledge and expertise to this new administration. I look forward to working with him to strengthen Florida's Department of Corrections and ensure efficiency and accountability at such an important agency.

Inch was appointed director of the Federal Bureau Of Prisons and served in that role with distinction until 2018. He was the provost marshal general and commanding general of the Criminal Investigation Command and Army Corrections at Headquarters for the Department of the Army, where he served at home and abroad for 36 years.

Inch was the principal military advisor to the secretary of the Army and chief of staff of the Army on all policing matters. He was also responsible for developing and executing strategy, policies, plans and programs for the Army’s policing organizations. He held the role of commanding general of the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435 in Kabul, Afghanistan where he was responsible for Detainee Operations and Rule of Law Development within the Army’s security sector.

In 1982, Inch received his B.A. in biblical archaeology from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. In 2002, he received an M.A. in geography from the University of Texas at Austin. Inch received a Masters of military art and science from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in 2005.


Mark Inch welcome to the DOC mess you have inherited in the state of Florida. I hope that what I’ve read about you is true and you can send some of our men home to their families. Sentencing must be corrected to fit the crime, COs must be teachers and psychiatrists and trainers and the gain time must increase to encourage good behavior. The president has started the ball rolling with the first step act and hopefully you can bring those concepts to Florida. Bring back Parole and enlarge the probation Dept !! Thank you for saving our young men from a lifetime in hell for crimes they did not commit! The time for change has come!

Abolish Felony Murder Rule.... Jerry Brown just did it in California ..No one deserves to be sentenced to murder they did not commit or have any idea it was going to happen.Please talk to Give DeDantis Thousands of people are doing life that had no idea a murder was going to take place My sons Friend was killed and he was sentenced to life WHAT ? Yep..Danny was shot in face by Drug dealer son was with Danny? The law is Wrong

I agree the law is wrong. I’d tou didn’t kill someone then life is not the correct sentence! Many inmates have been given life sentences at young ages for crimes where no one even got hurt. 20 years in prison changes man. If they are insane. Prison is not where they belong.

Totally agree. I mentor a lady serving life because she was “in the area” when a murder was committed

Please reply to comment 7204431/85170 thank you

Our Grandson, Brandon L. Burgess U12978 is currently assigned to Cross City Correctional. My wife and I are 86 and 82 years of age and find it extremely difficult to drive the three hour(one way) trip to visit him. We are his only living parents, we raised he, his twin sister and another sister from their ages of 6. He has submitted a Good Adjustment Transfer request, but has not been notified of its status. We would like to request a transfer to a closer facility outside of the Orlando area. Sumpter or the Daytona Beach area. At our ages we have elderly physical liabilities which makes it almost unbearable to drive that distance in one day. We have very limited income only our Social Security and cannot afford to take lodging to break up the driving distance. We have attempted to contact the State Classification office and other departments as to the procedure in requesting a transfer, however we were never able to connect on the telephone as the recording stated the office was too busy to take the call. We understand that there are many similar requests as ours, but due to our physical and financial circumstances, that maybe your office would honor this request. Thank you for you assistance in this matter.

I feel so sorry and sympathize with your situation as I am in the same long distance issue. Have you been able to address the issue?

Mr. Inch, I pray that you put and end to Minimum Mandatory Sentencing. Unknot the hands of the judges in our courts when people are sentenced. Too many people are forced to serve an incredibly disproportionate number of years for non-violent crimes committed without firearms for the reason that they were addicted to drugs and were not afforded to have their cases heard in drug court..but criminal court. Attention needs to be brought to WHY inmates are in MINIMUM custody facilities under the Mandatory Minimum Sentencing guidelines. It is staggering to see the amount of time a person is forced to serve with no gain time, no credits for excellent behavior, no credit for principled commitment to good causes that benefit other inmates and the institution itself --they must serve 100% of the sentence. It is time for reform of this undeniably unbalanced system that destroys and wastes.

I am a Volunteer Chaplain, welcome aborad...God Bless

Please Discuss Abolishing Felony Murder Rule!My so is charged with Murder and did not murder anyone! His friend was actually murdered by the drug dealer they were Buying from.Crazy Law. That has Thousands of people doing life for things they had Absolutely nothing to do with.Unconstitutional!Only DeSantiz can Abolish.Please discuss!!

Please Discuss Abolishing Felony Murder Rule!My so is charged with Murder and did not murder anyone! His friend was actually murdered by the drug dealer they were Buying from.Crazy Law. That has Thousands of people doing life for things they had Absolutely nothing to do with.Unconstitutional!Only DeSantiz can Abolish.Please discuss!!

I look forward to communication and working with Mr. Inch. I minister to men in prisons and I have had the opportunity to write many inmates or a regular basis and also visit them in prison. Ms. Jones was instrumental in helping transfer men to different prisons because of abuse these men were subjected to by different sadistic guards. I know there are a shortage of guards in some of our prisons but there needs to be better vetting and also psychological test on existing and new hires. K2 is rampant in our prisons with it being especially bad in a few places. There is also a real problem with guards bringing in drugs and cell phones. I hope that you will address this problem. Another problem that needs attention is the quality and quantity of food these men get. Many men go to bed hungry at night. The last thing that really needs addressing is how 1st time offenders are placed in prisons with gang members. Especially older inmates. I know of an 86 year old retired Colonel who had only one blemish on his record is being extorted by gang members if he wants to live. His cellmate was stabbed to death by gang members right in the cell. Why can't there be different prisons for different groups. Why are they all thrown in the same mix to have to fear for their lives. I pray these are some of the problems that will be addresses now that you are appointed. I look forward to you helping make the changes that are so desperately needed. Thank you!

you are so on point with your comments and issues my son is currently incarcerated at Taylor correctional in Perry Florida it is horrible the corruption that's going on the drugs that are flowing the gang activity it is horrible and the public would never even know you never know until you have a loved one actually having to endure it my son has no violent charges he had an addiction he had a disease he made some bad decisions he got 10 years for that very excessive he should not have gotten 10 years I could see 3 to 5 but never been to prison and getting 10 years it was absurd of course we couldn't afford an attorney so we had to deal with a public defender who didn't care about anything but getting the case over with again I applaud everything you said you are so on point with it I hope this new secretary really looks into things and does something about it

You can't segregate inmates. If you can't do the time don't do the crime!! Let's just give them steak and eggs every day. You sound like a real inmate lover. You are very gullible. I can see you are very easily manipulated by inmates.

And I can see you are very ignorant to the problems that blemish the DOC. The inmates are starving and the young boys who made a mistake are sleeping next to murderers. Segregation is important. Unfortunately what you don’t understand is that the crime and the time can be very disproportionate. A sentence of prison is a loss of freedom not mental abuse, physical abuse and PTSD from fear. Guards are not properly vetted and they do bring in contraband and extort money. You should read once I. A while.

Calling yourself Lawdog tells me all I need to know about you. The police are the largest criminal gang in America, period. It is pretty ironic that you would say "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime" since police rob, steal, rape, and murder people every day with immunity. On the very rare occasion thet do get charges they do nothing but cry about how they were just doing their job and try to convince the world that there is a war on police. Police are nothing but cowards and bullies hiding behind a badge. In closing I would just like to say "Fuck the police!!!"

I must say I agree with you 100 %. The police and guards are worse then some of the inmates. Not all inmates need to be in prison, especially the time they get is unreal. I work with a lot of inmates and department of corrections is nothing but a place of crime. They cover each others butt from the top to the bottom. I agree the police are nothing but cowards and bullies, I've had two inmates killed by guards. It's about time someone see inmates differently. Everyone deserves a second chance.

I feel that there is a definite need for change in a Florida prison system I understand and totally agree with *** criminal repeated offenders that molested and raped and mutilated and Rob and kill those people definitely need to do 85% however first time offenders sometimes just make a bad mistake and everybody deserves a second chance we have inmates who did a petty theft 5 years we are milking the system and all guard underpaid overworked and once again I state that I am all for the justice system we have nothing and play anymore to allow prisoners who get it there are some prisoners who get it and when they get out they have nothing to come home too or they have no skills to come home to we need to reopen up these programs so that inmates can be ready to go into real Society I think making inmates do 85% of a Time when the crime doesn't even fit the years that they get we need to readjust we also have created a whole bunch of health issues with the food that they get I don't say give them steak and eggs but they're still human and at the end of the day I feel that they shouldn't be eating hot dogs five times a week with all that high sodium in there and then you expect them to go out and work on empty bellies what happened to most of the prisoners back in the day when they had to provide by farming there on crops to provide food for themselves I feel that if innate had a hand in providing descent food it would be better than High cholesterol and high sodium foods creating more health issues for prisons having to provide additional medical running the cost of an inmate stays more expensive Prisons that have capability to Farms That Grew their own food do you know what substantial amount of money the state would save our prison system in Florida, because of unthought sessions has broke and put a hardship on Florida because of the fact that there is too much overcrowding you got prisoners that been in trouble one time and now we lock them up with *** criminals I understand that we need to have a system what happened to what is best for our state once people do their time they should not be scrutinizing penalize they're trying to live a law-abiding citizens ways we definitely need to re-evaluate this system 85% takes a man out of the household longer except if your crime is *** raping mutilating breaking in older people's houses or anybody's houses involving shooting stabbing you definitely need to sit there 85% but there should be some type of incentive for people who don't have discipline who is okay and trying going along with rules to do the right thing when I get out but then there's nothing to go to

You must be an inmate or former offender. If you aren't, then maybe you should rethink what you say.

It appears you are the one that is gullible. How many prisons have you visited or volunteered at? Do you realize almost 50% are in prison for non violent offenses? Florida is behind the times and is spending over 2.4 BILLION dollars on a broken system. LETS GET SMART. Why is Florida such an outlier? Those are answers taxpayers should be demanding answers too. It is wasted tax dollars.

The solution to that would be quicker with death warrants being signed. Florida holds death row inmates for up to 25 years and then executes. The state would save large amounts of money by holding them for no more than ten years before execution.

You must have just woke up ,with a comment like that . Let’s say your son/ daughter is accused of murdering Kitty Haven , Well you know this isn’t true cause your family was having a celebration new baby going to be born . We are thrilled happy as one can be. Then ther it is a knock on the door ,you go open it ,low and behold it’s the cops with guns in hand They tell you they have come for Bill/Candy you ask what for ,they say MURDER .well that can’t be she / he has been here all night Sir where is Bill / candy . He/ she comes and they lock the handcuffs on him/her .they take he/her off .you hire attorney .sorry you lost the case Your family member will be executed in a week ,you appeal .took to long ,sorry your loved one is dead dead hear what I’m saying DEAD Now three days later it comes out in newspaper Murder of Joe Blow has just been arrested they are charged with 36 murders,they have admitted to murdering of Kitty Haven ,and many more . But Candy is dead cause the da rigged the case and she lost her life ,not only her but her unborn granddaughter , not all are guilty .even though the DA knew she wasn’t the right one ,they don’t have to provide all the truth that will FREE the person ,after all they are making a name for themselves at your child’s expense .

Its unfortunate but you obviously speak out of ignorance. Try walking a mile in their shoes. He who is without sin cast the next stone.

I worked in corrections for 25 years. The chapel volunteers are responsible for a lot of contraband brought into correctional facilities. I don't have anything against religion, but these volunteers should not be allowed to enter. They are not searched properly, and bring in all types of garbage. I have seen them bring in musical instruments which can't be properly searched. They think they are dealing with the cream of the crop inmates in the chapel, but I hate to tell the volunteers that this is where all the pedophiles congregate.

In my experience, MOST of the contraband comes from correction officers. There is a huge disconnect between corrections and humanity. Even as a visitor, we are treated as less than although we have committed no crime. Your views on inmates is very one sided.

Kudos couldn't agree more.

Only a moron would waste their time going to see worthless inmates.

I hope you are as perfect as you think you are. Evidently not you are a coward you won't even post your name hidden behind a computer screen. We are all human have .ade mistakes and horrible decisions and judgment calls at one point in our lives in some sort of situation or another. I hope you keep hiding behind your computer screen this is a cruel world at times.

I hope you never have a family member that ends up in prison

I have a family member in prison and guess what they deserve to be there. I don't think that people should be rewarded for crime. If someone kills one of your family members should you tell them good job and pat them on the back or tell them they should pay for their crime?


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