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Mark Inch Will Serve as DeSantis' Department of Corrections Secretary

January 4, 2019 - 6:00am
Mark Inch
Mark Inch

Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis announced Thursday the appointment of former director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and retired United States Army Major General Mark Inch as secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections. 

 "Mark Inch is an exceptional leader who has dedicated his life to serving and protecting our country at home and abroad," said DeSantis. "Mark is one of the foremost experts on criminal justice, having directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons and I am proud to have him bring his knowledge and expertise to this new administration. I look forward to working with him to strengthen Florida's Department of Corrections and ensure efficiency and accountability at such an important agency.

Inch was appointed director of the Federal Bureau Of Prisons and served in that role with distinction until 2018. He was the provost marshal general and commanding general of the Criminal Investigation Command and Army Corrections at Headquarters for the Department of the Army, where he served at home and abroad for 36 years.

Inch was the principal military advisor to the secretary of the Army and chief of staff of the Army on all policing matters. He was also responsible for developing and executing strategy, policies, plans and programs for the Army’s policing organizations. He held the role of commanding general of the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435 in Kabul, Afghanistan where he was responsible for Detainee Operations and Rule of Law Development within the Army’s security sector.

In 1982, Inch received his B.A. in biblical archaeology from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. In 2002, he received an M.A. in geography from the University of Texas at Austin. Inch received a Masters of military art and science from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in 2005.


I look forward to communication and working with Mr. Inch. I minister to men in prisons and I have had the opportunity to write many inmates or a regular basis and also visit them in prison. Ms. Jones was instrumental in helping transfer men to different prisons because of abuse these men were subjected to by different sadistic guards. I know there are a shortage of guards in some of our prisons but there needs to be better vetting and also psychological test on existing and new hires. K2 is rampant in our prisons with it being especially bad in a few places. There is also a real problem with guards bringing in drugs and cell phones. I hope that you will address this problem. Another problem that needs attention is the quality and quantity of food these men get. Many men go to bed hungry at night. The last thing that really needs addressing is how 1st time offenders are placed in prisons with gang members. Especially older inmates. I know of an 86 year old retired Colonel who had only one blemish on his record is being extorted by gang members if he wants to live. His cellmate was stabbed to death by gang members right in the cell. Why can't there be different prisons for different groups. Why are they all thrown in the same mix to have to fear for their lives. I pray these are some of the problems that will be addresses now that you are appointed. I look forward to you helping make the changes that are so desperately needed. Thank you!

You can't segregate inmates. If you can't do the time don't do the crime!! Let's just give them steak and eggs every day. You sound like a real inmate lover. You are very gullible. I can see you are very easily manipulated by inmates.

Calling yourself Lawdog tells me all I need to know about you. The police are the largest criminal gang in America, period. It is pretty ironic that you would say "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime" since police rob, steal, rape, and murder people every day with immunity. On the very rare occasion thet do get charges they do nothing but cry about how they were just doing their job and try to convince the world that there is a war on police. Police are nothing but cowards and bullies hiding behind a badge. In closing I would just like to say "Fuck the police!!!"

You must be an inmate or former offender. If you aren't, then maybe you should rethink what you say.

It appears you are the one that is gullible. How many prisons have you visited or volunteered at? Do you realize almost 50% are in prison for non violent offenses? Florida is behind the times and is spending over 2.4 BILLION dollars on a broken system. LETS GET SMART. Why is Florida such an outlier? Those are answers taxpayers should be demanding answers too. It is wasted tax dollars.

The solution to that would be quicker with death warrants being signed. Florida holds death row inmates for up to 25 years and then executes. The state would save large amounts of money by holding them for no more than ten years before execution.

Its unfortunate but you obviously speak out of ignorance. Try walking a mile in their shoes. He who is without sin cast the next stone.

I worked in corrections for 25 years. The chapel volunteers are responsible for a lot of contraband brought into correctional facilities. I don't have anything against religion, but these volunteers should not be allowed to enter. They are not searched properly, and bring in all types of garbage. I have seen them bring in musical instruments which can't be properly searched. They think they are dealing with the cream of the crop inmates in the chapel, but I hate to tell the volunteers that this is where all the pedophiles congregate.

In my experience, MOST of the contraband comes from correction officers. There is a huge disconnect between corrections and humanity. Even as a visitor, we are treated as less than although we have committed no crime. Your views on inmates is very one sided.

Kudos couldn't agree more.

Only a moron would waste their time going to see worthless inmates.

I hope you never have a family member that ends up in prison

I have a family member in prison and guess what they deserve to be there. I don't think that people should be rewarded for crime. If someone kills one of your family members should you tell them good job and pat them on the back or tell them they should pay for their crime?

As a former inmate, I say to you ....well said.


The Florida Department of Corrections needs a serious overhaul, with that I will agree. Inmate's do have minimum needs that have to be met, however I am tired of people who have no idea of the dynamics involved inside the gates of a prison, constantly pity these "poor abused men". These are convicted felons. PERIOD. They have committed crimes, and until their sentence is served, they are INMATES, and treated as such. I have served in corrections security for over a decade, and while there will always be corruption that needs to be weeded out, It still amazes me at the level of disrespect that is shown as a whole to Correctional Officers. Many people simply assume that all Officers are corrupt and abusive, because of the actions of the few. Ironically these same people assume that the majority of Inmates are abused, misunderstood, innocent, ect. when in reality there are very few inmates that fit that description. The reality is that most inmates are manipulative, dangerous predators, that have nothing but time, to find ways to deceive and corrupt for their personal gain. The reality is that ALL Correctional Officers in the State of Florida are overworked, underpaid, and put under a microscope with the task of doing a near impossible job. Yes many are rude. While that may not be socially acceptable, that has nothing to do with corruption, or abuse of power. They are simply tired, and stressed. I would like to see any one of these bleeding hearts that judge security so harshly, pull a 16 hour shift, in which time they are forced to wrestle with a combative inmate that has cut himself, and attempting to cut others, or smeared defecation all over his cell, and go home with only 8 hours between shifts, to drive, eat, rest and do it all over again, just in time for a visitation day, where the aforementioned individual has to socially interact with the visitors. Do you think you would be overtly polite after just one day like that? now try doing it for year, after year with no pay increase incentives, no bonus, nothing. I will be the first to happily condemn and take action against ANY staff member who is corrupt, but I am sick and tired of reading comment after comment about Officers as a whole. Stop being so narrow minded, and ignorant.

Well put That Guy, people have no concept of a day or week or years of the department and they pose opinions. I tip my hat to you That Guy for explaining what is wrong and it isn't the officers. Yes, the system is broke, but you can get blood from a stone that has already put 16 hours a day and getting ready or has already in the northern prisons, to put many days in a row in and to turn around and stay professional. #what about the Officers #What about the Victims

Congrats mark

It's good to hear so many excellent recommendations. I have but one question, why did he last but eight short months in the Federal Bureau of Prisons? This is a legitimate question that I've had difficulty finding an answer.

In answer to the question about 8 month tenure at the Federal Prison System. I don’t know the details but believe it was because he is a man of absolute integrity and solid principles. In fact he is the most honest and principled man I know.

Thank you for your comment! I work for the Florida Department of Corrections, going on 18 years. I am looking forward to to his leadership and from what you said, he was the best choice! Thank you!

Welcome to Florida, Mark!

I served as this man's Deputy Commandant. It was an honor to watch him work and learn from him. There is no better man for this position. Besides exceptional Correctional knowledge, the highest of integrity. Exactly what we need in our highest leaders. Congratulations on your selection Inch family!

A better, qualified man does not exist. Great officer of integrity & dedication will never be found as Mark is this man! Congrats Mark - wishing you all the best in your new role (enjoy the sunshine, too!)!

Congratulations Mark. They are fortunate to have you join them. You’ll do a terrific job.

Wonderful selection. He and our son were Wheaton College classmates. A very dedicated individual!

This is a fantastic pick. Mark is a man of great integrity.



May this man bring PRIDE and RESPECT back to Department of Corrections.!!


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