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Markeis McGlockton Is Dead. Where Is Rick Scott?

July 30, 2018 - 2:00pm

Where is Rick Scott?

When Markeith Loyd killed his girlfriend and a police officer, indirectly caused the death of another police officer, and the death penalty wasn’t put on the table, Rick Scott was all over the case like white on rice.

When State Attorney Aramis Ayala decided that her interpretation of charging allowed her to cease applying the death penalty, Rick Scott was all over Aramis Ayala.

In fact, Scott battled Aramis Ayala all the way to Florida’s Supreme Court.

Aramis Ayala is black.

Markeis McGlockton is dead. He died at the hands of a vigilante, Michael Dreijka, who decided to confront McGlockton’s girlfriend over a parking spot.

After McGlockton shoved Dreijka to the ground, Dreijka pulled out a gun. McGlockton is seen on video backing away. The situation was de-escalating.

Dreijka still shot and killed McGlockton.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has elected not to charge Dreijka at all, citing his interpretation of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

Bob Gualtieri is white.

In a Politico article this morning, NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer, the mother of Stand Your Ground, along with lawmaker Dennis Baxley, the father of Stand Your Ground, have both said Bob Gualtieri’s interpretation is wrong.

Republicans, who for the most part, have fallen in line with every pro-gun action, even those that lead to death, aren’t falling in line with this one.

That should tell you something.

That should tell Rick Scott something.

Scott decided to pit himself against Aramis Ayala, a black elected official, for her interpretation of the application of the death penalty. By the way, no case taken from Ayala has resulted in the death penalty.

The silence of Rick Scott on the actions of a white elected official, in a case that led to the murder of Markeis McGlockton is deafening.

The fact that Bob Gualtieri is a white Republican elected official, and Aramis Ayala is a black Democratic elected official, isn’t lost on me.

It shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

Bob Gualtieri, in not arresting Michael Dreijka, made it easier for any racist to initiate a confrontation, which Dreijka did, knowing he was strapped, and kill any black person he/she sees and get away Scott-free. Rick Scott-free.

Where are you Rick Scott?

Speak up, unless you co-sign on this behavior.

You are the governor for ALL Floridians, including those who don’t look like you, or vote like you.

Republicans have said Gualtieri was wrong in not arresting Dreijka.

Democrats have said Gualtieri was wrong in not arresting Dreijka.

It’s time for something other than deflection, GOVERNOR Scott.

It’s time for you to step in, just like you did with Aramis Ayala.

Clearly Bob Gualtieri does not know how to handle Stand Your Ground cases. Are you going to reassign any Stand Your Ground case that comes his way?

I won’t hold my breath.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


#MAGA No More Negroes in Our Society

The two cases the author of this article are talking about have nothing to do with each other. The only correlation is in her race baiting mind. The law in question linked below specifically prohibits arrest unless probable cause exists to believe the force that was used was unlawful. The law allows deadly force with no duty to retreat if it's reasonably believed the force is necessary to prevent death, great bodily harm, or forcible felony, which includes a number of other criminal acts including aggravated assault and or battery. So what is the probable cause to believe that a man who was just violently slammed to the ground does not reasonably believe deadly force is necessary to stop the man standing four or five feet away from continuing the attack and causing death, great bodily harm or committing a forcible felony? I'm not seeing it. McGlockton backs up a few steps but then stops close enough to continue his attack. He does not raise his hands, does not turn away and in so far as has ever been reported, does not verbally indicate he wants to end the violent attack he started. Finally, no Drejka did not provoke the violence nor did he assault anyone. There is no evidence any threats were made by Drejka or that Drejka did or said anything that would indicate he was imminently going to use unlawful force so there was nothing to justify McGlockton's violent battery against him. There is no right of people who park illegally in handicap spaces to be free from the sort of criticism that Drejka gave.

Haha verbal assault? Wtf is that. What a bunch of *** we have in this country now. Its quite pathetic. Words dont hurt people. The bitch in the car should have just ignored the stupid white ass vigilante. Roll the window up dumbass. She started arguing with the vigilante and that lead to her bfs death. The dead guy was retard that cant process a situation beyond a 4th grader kid. He pushed the vigilante hard, blindsided him, cowards do that. He got shot and died awwww. I would love for this to go court because i am certain white ass vigilante (as wrong as it is to kill someone) will walk away free thanks to floridas stand your ground law. And all you idiots that defend the dead guy will be whining bitching and crying just like it happened with treyvon. hahaha!

I think Gov Scott should say something about the case and the interpretation of the law. The law has reasonable and feel in the wording and I do not think it race should be the determining factor in reasonable fear nir do I think a single shove warrants a fear of life or great bodily harm.

"The fact that Bob Gualtieri is a white Republican elected official, and Aramis Ayala is a black Democratic elected official, isn’t lost on me." That is laughable. Those isolated facts comprise the driving force behind your entire article, Leslie. If it weren't for those facts, you would have had to write about the weather or hummingbirds or...gasp!....sports! meet your deadline.

Are you really that ignorant Bill? The driving force of this article is that a black man is murdered, a white man wasn’t arrested for it, and Rick Scott is silent in the matter.

Nobody was murdered. A black man decided to violently attack a white man for nothing more than words he didn't like. Big surprise there, and that violent unprovoked battery lead to the black man's death by justifiable homicide.

Let's see Anonymous.........It doesn't bother you that 92% of all Black Murders are committed by other Blacks. It doesn't seem to bother you that over 72% of all Black women with Children are single with NO Babies Father.........BUT give me a good Racist story of a "white man" killing a Black man, and that's all I need to know. Even though over 52% of ALL the Felonies committed in America are being done by Black People who are only 13% of the population. .......Who wants to know the Facts, when they get in the way of some olde-fashioned Racism.

This has Nothing to do with Race, except for those who wish every issue to be about Race, and Leslie is Black. It is Hard to Manufacture an Argument when and where you can't throw a Little bit of "Racism" around, to "Spice" up a story.The Video clearly showed the Boyfriend to be the aggressor, and the fallen individual clearly felt his Life was threatened. Leslie is so Amazing when she writes, as if she was there at the moment this all occurred. As if she was "sent by the Gods" to determine what really happened, and who should have done what.............well you are wrong as usual. It's kind of Ironic that this all occurred because a woman decided she was Better then everyone else and she can Park in a Disabled spot, when she wants to. Where is the outcry for her Defiance of the Law, and her Public Arrogance?? She was and is the Catalyst to this Tragedy, and should be arrested for creating this confrontation. Her part was NO different then the individual who waits outside in the Car, while their associate "Robs a Bank!! Had she complied with the Law, and her Boyfriend confronted Her,(for her disregard of the Law), instead of an upset Citizen, all would still be alive!!..........Except for Leslie's desire to make everything about "Race". It must be "Hard" to dislike ones-self everyday.

It’s funny. You say Leslie writes as if she were there, as if something is wrong with that, and then turn around and do the same thing. I guess what YOU think is more important than what Leslie thinks, right? Oh wait, you are on LESLIE’S opinion column, and not the other way around! Ha!

Yes, You are reading what I'm writing, so it is clear you Lack an Opinion of your own.

Racial issues sure bring out plenty of feelings ........ therefore it (SYG) must be about race! Ask Trayvon's family.

Trayvon Martin was a racist thug who used a racial slur to refer to George Zimmerman minutes before attacking him. Trayvon died committing a racially motivated hate crime against George Zimmerman.

wow...............You must be a Comedian................Trayvon Martin is an example to you of Racial concerns?? Well, maybe so, but not as you may perceive,...... the Trial did bring out that he was using racist words. The Trial showed he was the aggressor, and the trial showed he lost the fight,...that he started, and that is what is getting people angry in the Black community.

I stand with Leslie on this. Getting shoved to the ground does not give one the right to shoot the shover who is backing away. Michael Dreijka had no authority to enforce parking regulations in the first place handicapped or otherwise. Michael Dreijka should have reported his parking concerns to local law enforcement. Rick Scott you are still Governor and you will never become a Senator if you continue to ignore this.

There is nothing illegal about criticizing somebody for illegal parking. In fact it's constitutionally protected speech. On the other hand committing a battery because you don't like what somebody says, as McGlockton did, is a criminal offense.

It has been thoroughly documented that blacks have a much greater propensity to commit violent acts. This is one of the primary factors when the decision to conceal carry is made. People are sick and tired of being attacked by people with little to no self control. Florida's Stand Your Ground Law is necessary with the continuance of these violent attacks. Only last week in Louisiana a White woman was attacked in her home, she was able to escape the black thugs but when she returned her 6 month old son was missing. The blacks had taken him to a nearby railroad track and set him on fire. Think about that for a moment when you jump to use the race card. The fear and apprehension of being attacked by these animals is palpable. Self defense is entirely warranted.

So, you're saying this kind of ignorance doesn't happen in the white community? There aren't any "white thugs" that commit this kind of behavior? Whites are know to kill their own children in that same manner. But I guess you're blind to that kind of criminal activity. GthohwtBS!

He didn't say any such thing. You seem to have comprehension problems. Here's the deal: Blacks are less than 14% of the population but commit outright majorities of both murder and robbery. They are also over represented, usually vastly so, in every single violent offender category the FBI UCR bothers to track. If blacks are over represented among the people shot in "stand your ground" or other defensive shootings it's because they are over represented among violent criminal offenders. So, in response to your inane comment: Yes there are white thugs and yes white's commit crimes including violent crimes, but blacks proportionately commit far more of them.

You might consider brushing up on your reading comprehension skills, particularly for phrases such as, "have a much greater propensity."

The mother of the baby has been arrested and charged with the murder. Anybody with half a brain would realize that story is a little bit off the far end. But then again your entire comment suggests that you weren't even fortunate to be blessed with such a luxury.

Actually the mother has been arrested IN ADDITION TO a black female for the murder of the child and reports say they are associates. Who allegedly did exactly what has not been reported but they were both arrested for the crime.

Really documents that were made up by your kind of ppl it's known facts you ppl have been killing n stealing n lieing since day one warranted that's a no no his defense is weak

If that's all you are standing on your kind killed almost every black in a town in Florida you remember because blacks was not allowed to have guns you are the ones that are bigots and racism is at your core . Eating away at you like maggots. God knows your heart , Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

In the case you mention, the white mother has been charged with first-degree murder. She made the whole story about intruders up. A mother burning her own baby ... It really goes to show that whites have a much greater propensity to commit violent acts. People are sick and tired of being attacked by white people with little to no self-control.

The mother has been charged in addition to a black female and who allegedly did exactly what has not been reported.

LOL One case shows that whites have a greater propensity to commit violent acts??? If that's the case how come FBI UCR statistical data shows that blacks who are not even 14% of the population consistently commit the outright majority of murder and robberies year after year and are over represented compared to their percentage of the population in every single violent offender category while white are in fact under represented? With information as readily available as it is, it must take real effort to remain as blissfully ignorant as you obviously are.

Hey Tim Caldwell, aka Dave Manning. I guess your lies got exposed! Another white woman pulling the “Susan Smith” act. Blame it on a nonexistent black person!!!

Nope.. News reports say the mother AND a black female have been arrested. The black female for murder 1 and the mother as a principal to murder 1. The mother and the black female know each other.


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