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POINT: DeSantis, DeRacist, Disgusting!

August 31, 2018 - 5:00pm

This country has a history with a stain. The stain is slavery, Jim Crow, and the dehumanizing of black people.

How many times were President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama portrayed as apes or monkeys?

We’ve all seen the memes, posts, and nasty comments about the Obamas.

Ron DeSantis had to have known that his “monkey up” comment was going to trigger the most hurtful, hateful images regarding Andrew Gillum.

Maybe that's what he was going for.

Comments such as those are hurtful to all black people who have been subjected to dehumanizing behavior from hateful people.

I’ve long said that racism knows no party.

Racism exists in the Republican and the Democratic parties.

Some Republicans are just so overt with theirs.

I say some, because I have Republican friends who do not condone this sort of behavior.

The Republican Party, though, has allowed itself to be defined by the most vile of people.

In the most perfect example of DeSantis appealing to the most vile of people, a group out of Idaho has begun sending a racist robocall, attacking Andrew Gillum. See Friday's story in POLITICO Florida, "Racist robocalls mar Florida's race for governor."

Is it those people that DeSantis is trying to reach?

Ron DeSantis has been accused of being an administrator of a Facebook page that promoted racism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Muslim sentiments, and every other hateful thing one can imagine.

Is this who would be the best governor for ALL of the people of Florida?

No. Absolutely not. Florida is a big, diverse state. We all belong here. We all have a right to be here.

I know DeSantis is saying his “monkey this up” comment wasn’t a racist dig at Andrew Gillum.

I just don’t believe him.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Leslie, you are a racist pig, pure & simple. Now go ahead and call me a racist for stating the obvious. You will never rise above the hatred and filth that you spew, until you give up your hatred of "all things white".

People who use the race card are the true racists. Own your racism Leslie, you racist pig!

extremely poor choice of words and taste, regardless of how it was intended...

This is the most DISGUSTING, REDICULOUS thing I ever heard of LESLIE WIMES. I am 76 years of age, and my Dad used to say that to us all the time. It is an endearing term often used for little children who sometimes act like monkeys. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED--get over it, and WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE. You are grasping at straws in order to try and get Andrew Gillum more votes. The fact that YOU FIND IT NECESSARY TO STOOP SO LOW and use such a PATHETIC example is nauseating. The ONLY people who will vote for Gillum--as he PROMISES us MORE TAXES and FREE STUFF that he will pay for WITH OUR OWN TAXES is NOT going to FLY in FLORIDA! We are not stupid, you know, and NOBODY is going to FALL FOR this idiotic ploy of yours. if you can't write anything with more substance than this--GET ANOTHER JOB. Ron DeSantis is GOING TO BE THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA!

Hey y'all, check out YouTube for the dozens of DEMOCRAT politicians using the term "monkey!" Methinks a double standard is unfairly being applied here. This throws a 'monkey wrench' in the race baiting tactic being employed by the radical left.

By a recent count, Florida has eight active chapters of the KKK in operation ... and since Obama's election ... plenty of Republicans have allowed (especially in the south and midwest) the expression of latent racism in a variety of forms. Trump has used that to his political advantage, especially in his pep rallies and in his pandering to white nationalists. And, with DeSantis being a self-avowed Ttumpnut lemming ... he's taking the same route. Both may be dyed-in-the-wool racists ... or both may simply be using racism to appeal to their racist bases. In both cases ... and either way ... they're both disgusting and despicable for doing it!

YOU ARE A HATE SPEWER! It won't work. Also, you can't blame the whole State of Florida for sick people who run KKK clans. Those people will always be with us until Christ returns. In the meantime, you are part of the problem... Every Democrat invoking the MONKEY!

Everyone does not look at race. Some of us never look at race until it is raised by race focused people, and then we just dismiss it, because the race focused are often overly vigilant (meaning wrong). I am considered white by those who care and I have been called racist more times than I can count, not for being racist, but for being on the opposite side of issues than people who do not share my skin color. It gets old, it is dumb and it is overplayed. I have never used the term Monkey Up, but I have heard it, from all sides, so I will not cast it in a negative light for anyone's benefit ( racist or race baiters). I will never espouse the doctrine that one group can use one word and another cannot because that is hypocritical and that is punitive. If you use the N word, you are a loser, a scumbag, a disgrace to America- even if you are a rapper or black. The word is wrong ALWAYS. Monkey, is a word with much less, almost no, racial overtones (Maybe you can recall that George Bush was cast to be a a twin of Curious George, and for good reason - THEY LOOKED ALIKE). Can we focus on the issues , Please. Giliam is being investigated by the FBI, but more importantly, is proud Progressive ( which I think should dismiss him from consideration by anyone - but it is their vote). De Santis has a pedigree for some, but he wants to much to be liked and to enter the aristocracy of America, which gives me pause for sure. There are issues of real concern for Florida, so forget the drummed up race baiting garbage. Lets be Adults.

You race baiters need to get some intelligence. You do realize that "monkey up" is an old saying similar to "throwing a monkey wrench into things". Maybe instead of race-baiting, you try getting some common sense and intelligence.

Well said! It is amazing to me the way people play the race card! I will not vote for Gillum because he is a socialist and is currently under investigation by the FBI for his conduct as the Mayor of Tallahassee. I do not care what color his skin is, I would not vote for Bernie Sanders either!

This is one of those situations in which the media driven fake firestorm is piled on only by those who know that if accusing DeSantis of racism is all your side can cook up this early in the race to the election...then your side has nothing. The race card is historically only pulled when Democrats know they got nothing left. And this early in the race tells us voters to expect nothing from Democratats that Florida is interested in. No issues to win on mentioned or even being talked about by anyone...because y'all got nothing!!! Nothing but non-nonsensical child minded race baiting. Andrew's party is selling nothing Florida's buying. #nofloridafornia #flushthebluewave #toostupid

You know they're desperate when they have to scream racist , Right out of the box. Of course it's only natural that they're projecting, because of their racist Democrat past.

In the interest of full disclosure I really do like Leslie, her writing style, and her passion for her political beliefs. Just because I may disagree on a few minor political issues in no way means that I do not like a person. Life is too short don't be a hater over politics.

I beg to differ... I am a working, freelance writer, and I can tell you that ANY WRITER who would craft something like this piece and worse--put it out for print--is exposing the truth about her own character and heart. This woman is seriously twisted up. I get a wide variety of topics to write on every week. I do the research and present the material in ways that will BENEFIT others seeking information. This woman is writing about hate--just like Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Lesli is trying to get MORE HATE GOING so others will react and someone will get hurt. This woman is not a good person, and she does not deserve the platform she currently occupies. She needs to be sat down and told that to write HATE is bad, to publish HATE is worse, and to stand for HATE is to invite mortal harm to others.

Yeah, right -->"Life is too short don't be a hater over politics". . . . . . guess that's why in your post In the other SSN article, you make several demeaning hateful comments --> "The novel concept of a "black man in an empty business suit" went out of favor with Obama's last term " and "And who is that "I need a haircut" chubby man in the dorky buttoned up all the way - Charlie Brown horizontal striped - blue polo shirt? OMG he looks like he just left his pajama boy - video game palace - comfort food eating - apartment down in Mom's basement and somehow wandered up on the stage by accident before they could shoo him away!!!" . . . . . . . . . . it appears you ain't no Gov. Claude Kirk, just a demonizing Trumpite without common decency . . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

Leslie, you intentionally set the premise of your article as DeSantis being racist. Just for the sake of argument, say he is a racist. Now, get to the main subject of what Gillum will supposedly do for Florida. Keep in mind that we all know his actual printed platform. Spell it out for us Leslie, please.

Daniel, are you really that ignorant? You acknowledge that the premise of Leslie’s article is that DeSantis is racist. You then say for the sake of argument, let’s say he is. The argument is then over. The article was about DeSantis’ racism. Why do you want to gloss over that fact? as if that isn’t the subject. Go back under your hood!

Howard, What the hell are you talking about ? He did not acknowledge that and once again he asked you to explain and all we got was the usual mumbo jumbo from your side. We never here the answer from a liberal or socialist democrat.


Crawl back into your earthen hole ORC. You are pathetic. Your comments are not desired here, let the adults talk.

Leslie, I strongly suggest you 1)Read Brad Slager's article in the Sunshine State News, 2)Take remedial reading lessons, and 3)take a grammar school level English course on diagramming and parsing sentences.

I don’t think Leslie needs to look at the white man at all. She is right on. Sorry, we aren’t our ancestors. We aren’t afraid of you or your racism. I took a look at the white man’s counterpoint. It appears to me that Leslie’s article is doing much better than his. Perhaps he should take some points from her.

Black and stupid, you are nothing but a contemptible *** hating, racist pig.

There is a strong inference that those in the Democrat party are NOT Racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ridiculous to tie a party to Racism!

Did you bother to read the article? Clearly not. It is stated that racism is in both parties.

Yes I read it and I had previously thought she was an intelligent writer, not more. To say that Racism exists in both parties and then say racism Defines Republicans is and of itself racist. She has deliberately misheard the actual sentence, used a reference to Facebook that Ron DeSantis has explained. Yes I say Ms Wimes is uneducated as another comment said and she is a racist person. Just the Obama's were referred to as Primates? PLEASE Has she never heard any of the jokes about Reagan and primates, all nationalities have Primate jokes, but perhaps her bubble keeps her away from reality Not her best work at SSN

The irony here is the old meme: “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil” is portrayed by monkeys! Case closed!

If he is so smart and well educated, her certainly knew what he was saying and precisely how it would be understood. Shame on him. He's banking his campaign on hate and fear mongering. I don't think he understands that most voters are looking for an uplifting message of better times and better lives and not at the expense of our fellow citizens. So sad he is so smart and well educated but hasn't learned this fundamental lesson of American history: overtime, Americans elect people who have an uplifting visions of what we as a people and a country and should continue to aspire to be.

"What we have a failure to communicate." The Pillsbury doughboy has a way with words.


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