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Rick Scott, Andrew Gillum Lead in New Poll

September 19, 2018 - 11:15am
Rick Scott and Andrew Gillum
Rick Scott and Andrew Gillum

A new poll shows a slight edge for Gov. Rick Scott over U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., in one of the most important Senate races in the nation while Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is ahead of former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., in the gubernatorial race. 

Ipsos, Reuters and the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics released a poll of likely voters on Wednesday which shows Scott at 46 percent with Nelson right behind him at 45 percent while 4 percent prefer other candidates and 6 percent are not sure. 

Both candidates have nailed down their respective party bases as Nelson gets 85 percent of Democrats while Scott reels in 90 percent of Republicans. Voters outside the majority go for Nelson with the Democrat taking 50 percent to 22 percent for Scott 

More than a quarter of those surveyed--29 percent--think Scott is a non-traditional politician while 62 percent think he is a traditional one. Nelson is seen as a traditional politician by 76 percent of likely voters while 14 percent think he is a non-traditional one. 

Gillum, who won the Democratic primary last month, takes 50 percent of likely voters while DeSantis pulls 44 percent of them and 2 percent back other candidates. Once again, both candidates are running strong with their party faithful as Gillum takes 93 percent of Democrats and DeSantis has the backing of 88 percent of Republicans. Gillum takes 61 percent of voters outside the major parties while 21 percent of them are for DeSantis. 

A majority of those surveyed--53 percent--think the nation is on the wrong track while 44 percent think it is on the right one. 

President Donald Trump, who carried Florida in 2016, is approved by 47 percent while 53 percent disapprove of him. Congress is disapproved by 67 percent while 31 percent approve of it. 

The poll of 1,000 likely voters in Florida was taken from Sept. 5-Sept. 12 with a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent.  



Andrew Gillum Builds Lead Over Ron DeSantis in New Poll Thanks to Independents

Bill Nelson, Rick Scott Running Close in New Poll


Jobs, jobs, jobs everywhere. Money flowing into Florida with good news for educators, small businesses, etc. Anyone who votes democrats in at local and state levels has to be insane to want to mess with the current Republican policies that are truly making us a better, more prosperous nation. It doesn't matter who takes the credit for starting this boom. What is important is the pull back of needless, redundant, job-killing executive orders are what sent this economy rocketing into the stratosphere where it continues to break all time records. Dems get in and you can kiss goodby the extra $$ you'll see in your Federal tax return check next April. Can't you wait for us to build up our pensions, retirement plans, school resources, infrastructure building and other services in dire need of funding before calling in the liberals to take away our hard earned money to spend on feel-good, needless bureaucratic programs that waste money and do not solve anything? Vote on policy, not emotion. If it isn't broke, don't fix it!!! We are better off nationally and internationally than we were before Trump was elected. It doesn't matter what you think of Trump as a man, think of you country and those of us who want to rely on jobs in our pursuit of happiness. The tax money increase flowing into government coffers from the increase in tax money being paid by those who are now back in the workforce is the way to fund needed programs. Does anyone remember the "safety net". Smaller government is what helped make this country the greatest nation on the planet. Let's not screw this up at this juncture - PLEASE!!!

Gillam leading? ~W~H~Y~?~ He has no "real" political experience. Mayor of Tallahassee is NOT a training ground for being Governor... he was 'bought and paid for' by the LEFT!

"A slight edge for Scott"?!?!? Tsk, Tsk,... (Pssst, LISTEN "Zippy",.. Grab Andrew's hand, and BOTH of you RUN LIKE THIEVES!!!!!.....The "steamrollers" ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU BOTH ! You guys are out of your league, and shortly to be "out of this world" (remember "Space" "Zippy"?),....if you don't run away FASTER ) !

Anyone but Rick Scott... Hell, I'd even vote for Roy Moore before Rick Scott..

The absolute best case scenario would be an equal amount of Dems and Repubs, or even better all Indys. Then we would actually have some checks and balances and have to work together to get things done for a change.

Wow Floriduh is going to turn itself into the People's Republic of New Jersey if they elect this Anti Semite Gollum. Trust me I lived in that fascist police state for over 20 years and you aren't going to like it.

Ocean Joe, the biggest polluters in the state are people with their sewage. The developers and businesses only come here to provide jobs to the hoards of illegal immigrants that flood Florida and are protected by the leftist Democrats. The single biggest source of the Red Tide is excess nitrogen. Sewage=nitrogen. If you really care about the environment you'll vote for Scott & DeSantis who promise to end the illegal alien influx. Florida will become a welfare state under Gillum while he robs the state coffers the same way he did in Tallahassee. Tally has highest crime rate in Florida, great record to run for governor on.

There you go again, blaming immigrants for problems YOU contributed to. Pretending white people don't shit, or that rural homeowners refuse to pay for sewer connection fees so that they're not relying on leaky septic tanks. Or that the beef lobby isn't paying Tally to look the other way while their prize steer turn Lake O into one big collection pond.

You should really educate yourself on the science of the lethal water issues. In addition, maybe you should look at people as people instead of racist labels.

You are the only one talking about " Race ". But this is the typical liberal response.

Power to the People...!

It actually is representative of a day long since past. A gov't, of the people, by the people and for the people where their existence is make things better, nothing free for people, nor special interests. It is about balance and right now the only choices are too much gov't or too much corruption. Perhaps you should educate yourselves as a balanced approach would really benefit everyone...

Don't you mean, power to the govt??? Higher taxes, govt funded everything only gives the govt more power over your life. Holy cow... When are you people going to wise up. Research every socialist country and you will see a country in trouble.

Yes, you are right, “power to the people” actually means, hand all the power to the government so they can decide what is best for you and we have seen how that works most of the time with government run programs being known for their efficiency and fairness. (Thats sarcasm for you lefties)

How many socialist countries have you been too?

Florida and the nation are on the WRIGHT track with Rick Scott as governor and Donald Trump as president. Let's not screw up our prosperous state with a Democrat who is a socialist wo wants to spend, spend spend. Attracting businesses to our state by cutting regulations and no state income tax and bringing employment to a new low of 3.7% is a plus, plus for Florida. Let's keep our state and nation healthy and wealthy.

Cannot be a Democrat AND a Socialist. I will take my political advice from someone who knows the difference, and can spell RIGHT correctly. Thanks.

Florida's and the US prosperity came from Obama pulling us back from the breach repubs drive the economy into in 2008...………..Scott just hung on for the ride while, he, fed repubs tried their best to keep the economy from succeeding under Obama they stated proudly...………..Now what kind of American would do that?...………...And note repubs have vastly outspent the dems yet dems are leading or tied... …………….Now the right has pissed off and continues to oiss off near every woman, young person, decent people here ………………...And note how shrunken the repub party is as the decent people got driven out or driven mad like they did to Putman...……...The one thing you can never claim again is the moral majority, as now neither....… WWJD?…..See you in November ;^)

Jerry,, you cannot really be that ignorant about the facts, unless you are willfully being blind. When someone chooses to ignore all the facts in order to support their beliefs, there is nothing you can do to make them see the truth. I feel sorry for you.

Sounds like you may be looking in the mirror "willfully ignorant and blind." We were in the ditch when President Obama rescued this country.

Luckily Obama "was pulled back from "jerry's" "breach" !

Fortunately, it sounds like most people don't buy the party line BS and fortunately are not drinking the special interest Kool-Aid...

Lynn Anderson, nobody promised us a rose garden....but pollution and dead animals as far as the eye can see? If a business comes here because we stripped away a regulation protecting the environment, do we want that business? What's going on with our waters inland and near shore is not healthy. Liver failure, ALS, neurotoxins...from contact with the water? You should be outraged that your government has facilitated this.

Nelson will more and more info comes out about Scotts role in the water quality mess. Cutting budgets of south water management district..political appointees to that board.. cutting resources to address septic tanks leaking..refusing to purchase land WE ALL VOTED FOR to south of the lake. ..his BS about blaming Feds when he was in control(.not that the army corp are blameless here)..fixing the damn at the lake will not allow for greater capacity in the lake .will not fix the discharge issue....prohibiting use of climate change.. oh yeah about that hunting trip with big sugar Governor?..Gillum will also wave coming to Florida which is a lot better than the GREEN ALGAE wave we have experienced..

Let's hope Scott and DeSantis are the last of a dying breed ... statewide and nationally! Florida and the nation have clearly been on the wrong track for the last 20 years and its up to the voters to bring about a positive and effective change. The focus of governance in both cases needs to change from "Big Business" back to "The People"!

Can you spell "O-b-u-m-m-e-r" or "Moochelle"?

The worst thing that happened to this country since "smallpox Infoan blankets"!

That's INDIAN blankets...

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