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Nancy Smith

Sliming Maria Elvira Salazar: Laughable Desperation Move, Even for the Democrats

September 30, 2018 - 9:00am
Maria Elvira Salazar
Maria Elvira Salazar

You know Republican Maria Elvira Salazar is a pretty good candidate when the Florida Democratic Party resorts to treating voters in Congressional District 27 like idiots in order to discredit her.

The Party fired off a press release Friday headlined, "Maria Elvira Salazar Condemned Over Insulting and Divisive Comments About Immigrants." It accused the Hispanic television personality of making "highly insulting and divisive comments about America's immigrants."

Really? A news professional as popular as Salazar, who until January covered the heart of Miami, one of the most diverse communities in America ... a racist? This I had to see.

I Beg to Differ"Salazar's comments take a page from Donald Trump's playbook by diminishing the contributions of undocumented immigrants and insinuating they are mostly suited 'to pick up Jalapeño peppers in Southern California or to clean toilets in Orlando or in Manhattan,'" said Javier Hernandez, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party.

An outraged Hernandez called Salazar's "divisive rhetoric ... disgusting," claiming "Maria Elvira is peddling racist stereotypes and diminishing the many contributions immigrants have made, and continue to make, throughout our great nation. 

"Contrary to what she and Trump might believe, immigrants are more than just 'the help.'"

Well, lucky for recipients of the press release, the FDP included "proof" -- video conversations Salazar had with MSNBC and the Miami Herald editorial board.

Maybe the Party thinks voters are dolts, that all Hernandez has to do is drop Trump's name in the same breath as the Republican candidate's, and Salazar's goose is cooked.

Or maybe they think the headline will have the same effect as subliminal advertising, that voters are only headline grazers who won't investigate the latest thought drummed into their heads, won't watch the video "proof."

In either case, it's an attempt to treat the voters of CD 27 like blithering idiots.

Hernandez turned Salazar into a monster (he hoped) by pulling a line out of her conversation with Kasie Hunt during an MSNBC interview: "'That's why we need to reform our immigration system'," he quoted the Republican as saying, "'and we need to give visas to those that are coming to pick up Jalapeño peppers in Southern California or to clean toilets in Orlando or in Manhattan'."

He quoted her again during her Sept. 26 editorial board meeting with the Herald: "'Give people with no criminal record, the cleaning ladies, the people that are mowing the lawn, they’re picking the jalapeño peppers in Southern California -- those people deserve to have some type of legality, even though they are illegal or they came in without the proper documentation, but the system allowed them to stay. ...

“'Right now in Texas, I don’t know if you know this, but in Texas, you have an underground railroad funded and led by the business owners of America -- construction people, people that need to finish the homes, so they need workers. Somebody has to put the cement and the 4x4s. So the business-owners, or the construction moguls, are the coyotes.”

These are the words, the Party spokesman tells us, that should outrage all voters.

Take time to view at least the MSNBC video, it's fairly short, and we've displayed it on this page to make it easy for you.

Do you really, truly believe this protege of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is saying immigrants are only "the help," that the only thing they can do is pick peppers or load trucks? Show me where she says that. Salazar doesn't believe in open borders, but she very definitely wants to champion a guest worker program -- something many immigrants have said they want and many in business and industry in this country insist they need.

I've heard her on this subject. Congress pays lip service to a guest worker program, she says, and has since early 1993 when President Bill Clinton failed to get not one but two attorney generals he wanted. Remember Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood? Each of them had a "nanny problem." Lots of talk, lots of nonsense, lots of movement to nowhere. The guest worker program is just another piece of rhinestone candidates flash along the campaign trail, and Salazar is one congressional candidate who wants to go to Washington to be the Real Deal.

Is the FDP saying opening America's borders to all undocumented immigrants is only way we can show them respect?

Read up on Salazar if you want to know more. Her background is impressive. She was born and raised in Miami, the daughter of Cuban immigrants. It's where she attended college and started her career as a journalist, she says. It's where her daughters were born, where her mother lives, it's her "peace."

After 35 years of breaking-news coverage -- including serving as Miami’s local reporter for Univision Network’s flagship station, Channel 23 -- Salazar, 56, is one of the nation’s most recognized Latin American political affairs journalists for the U.S. Hispanic community.

Does this sound to you like someone who could have survived and thrived in a cutthroat local television market by "peddling racist stereotypes" to the community and the people she covered for more than half her life? 

No wonder Democrat Donna Shalala, once a member of Bill Clinton's Cabinet and president of the University of Miami, once expected to run away with the CD 27 race, has such a fight on her hands. Salazar -- Maria Elvira to her friends -- looks like a rising star to me.

Bottom line: In spite of the headline on the press release, the only ones "condemning" Salazar about her "insulting and divisive comments about immigrants" are the folks running scared at FDP headquarters.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith



Unfortunately, caucasian Cuban-Americans frequently patronize “brown” Hispanics. I am a caucasian Cuban-American and have witnessed the phenomenon many, many times. Perhaps Salazar would have been up to the task. Perhaps not. Time will tell.

Gee, Nancy talking about "Sliming" . . . . . . people who live in glass public places shouldn't throw sliming stones and hypocrisy . . . . . . . . . isn't sliming what you and this site did to our Florida Supreme Court justices a few years ago . . . for months on end . . . . . . . . isn't sliming what you did by attacking the credibility and science of a deceased scientist, Joseph Zieman, when you disagreed about his scientific "hypersaline" research in Florida Bay that has been accepted and supported by the National Academy of Sciences, much to your chagrin . . . . . . . . . . that's professional sliming, and you're guilty . . . . . . . .hypocrisy (and lack of apologies following being caught sliming) . . . . . . is . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

Hey, Smith! How about a deal? If the Republicans win, you continue your hopelessly partisan crapola here unabated; if the Democrats win, you retire and move to Iowa! (???)

No deal. Couldn't live in Iowa -- too dry. Here's a deal I WOULD do, though: If the Tampa Bay Times would agree to discontinue its partisan crapola, I will agree to discontinue mine.

Love you Nancy. It is okay for you to speak your mind even if it is a little more conservative. With the TBT, MH, SS, and the rest of these “mainstream” news outlets slandering conservative voices and playing activists, it is 100% accepteble and appreciated that you offer a counter arguement. Thanks you!

Marry me Nancy Smith! You are so cool and spot on!

she clearly sees herself as above the pepper pickers. She is an uptown Havana

more partisan drivel... If the shoe fits and sometime your words come back to haunt you...

Maria is one Republican candidate this Hispanic Democrat would vote for! The reason is she understands our community and respects us all! I also recently saw an interview she did where she stated she put her people, that's us before her party and that plus her years of service to us Hispanos as an award winning journalist is enough for my vote ! Plus as much as I'm grateful to Donna Shalala for her service to our country in the Clinton years and her being the president of the University of Miami she is now almost 80 years old and a little out of touch with us Latinos and just needs to enjoy her retirement years.

The Democratic Party and it's narrative of today is the samevthatcwas used by the 193334 Nazi Party. Frankly, a good, honest common sense Democrat is very limited in number today having been replaced by shrill voiced female and male pricks of the far left.

And you wonder why decent people are leaving the GOP in droves from just what Clinton called, the deplorables, was correct...……………..Thank you, cbreeze, another admitted racist for proving it...………….A bunch out in November and the rest in 2020 as their actions are now clear to everyone...…………..Trump no longer hiding it and the rest of you, DeSantis just proves you are morally bankrupt...………………..And with the yrly deficit doubling back above $1T in 2 yrs to give tax cuts to the 1%, corporations and Trump, repubs are fiscally bankrupt too.

I'm not "racist" "jerry" (that's YOUR favorite word); I JUST hate "stupidity" (Go look in your mirror fool, to see a "living definition" of "stupidity"). As a matter of fact, Democrats are leaving their Party, or "cross voting", and/or evacuating "Democrat Run" STATES and CITIES, just as a "matter of survival"... YUP, "stupidiity",.. Check the back of your neck "jerry" for your 'stupidity' "use by date"... YOU "expired" a long time ago; Go "Turn yourself in", they're looking for you..!

Yes you are. One day you forgot which list you were on and released a racist rant here and I called you on it then...………….Of course I've always known it as an old white southern man, it's not hard to tell the subtle and not so subtle code you post...……...The way you think, write, you can't hide it despite trying...……….If you don't like the racist word, why do you come where racists hang out like here and agree with them?

I can't see how the guy "hates stupidity"; he's a master at it !!!

Actually some of us are registered GOP voters in Florida. But we think for ourselves. Remember Lincoln... Abraham Lincoln?

For those who don't know back in 64 the Dems were the racist party until the Civil Rights Act was passed...………….. Then Repubs , New England decent repubs , etc started the Southern Strategy where they pandered to the racists, Evangelicals to get them to vote repubs and it worked...……………..So well the racist under Trump have completely taken over the party...………..As they say, be careful what you wish for...…………..And I'm an old fiscally conservative southern white man who has seen it all from separate water fountains, places to eat, sleep to Trump...………...Have you no decency?...………….Why are you so scared?...…….It's really unbecoming and superior people are not...………..Fact is you feel inferior is why you are racist...……….A superior person wouldn't care as a waste of time, effort more productively used for other things.

Yeah, "Lincoln"'.... Didn't the "Whig political Party" DIE under his Presidency ?..... YES, they did ! ("...and some of us are registered DEMOCRAT voters in Florida. But we think for ourselves, "Robby-boy".) "Checkmate!"

Tubby, you are a Trump NYer for life, just because you live here does not make you a Floridian tiny. Time to haul back home to NY and get a job and get off the Gov't *** for good...

Hmmm,.. Looks like ALL "Three Stooges" are here today: "jerry" "Kruzer" and "Pasture fart"... (Like "worms in the woodwork")

Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" and his "Emancipation Proclamation" - your homework reading assignments, C Breeze.

Already studied both,.. and came to the conclusion that Lincoln was developing "war tactics" and "excuses" in the event he lost the war; By Lincoln's own admission, he had no intention of ending slavery. Studied BOTH while you were still in diapers, mesmerized by "Song of the South" (Remember "Uncle Rhemus", "Robbie-boy"? or, "I say, I SAID HELLO! ! !") Bet you do,..."Bless your little heart"!

glad your conclusion was wrong fat boy or we might be singing a different tune today...

I doubt you even know a "different tune" 'Fart'... (Obviously ignorance abounds in YOUR gene pool...)

ALL members of the Clinton and Obama political organizations have been removing American Freedoms and Ideals for decades? Democrats want Socialism and are pushing the development of a "One World Government". This nation cannot survive as a country without Southern borders. The Democrats are beginning to use illegal voters to win political contests, because black voters have begun to realize that Democrats have used the black voters and have not been giving black Americans, Latino's, and women jobs, as President Trump has been doing. Democrats cannot win elections unless they cheat by using illegal voters to control the numbers at the ballot box? There is a war of control by Americans VS the Democrats? The Americans have sworn to follow the "Constitution". PS... If your are an illegal, please contact an American to start the process to become a legal citizen. America needs your legal skills?

Democrats have become "rabid animals"; and the 'evidence' of THAT can be seen EVERY DAY in our NEWS, on our TV's, in our communities, and EVEN in the "Halls of our U.S. Congress" and our "State & Local Governments"... Democrats "give no quarter" in their assaults (verbal and physical) upon our CITIZENS... AND AT WHAT PRICE?!?!?... Simply for "votes", "power", and a mistaken belief that there will be no retribution ?.... (Be assured Democrats: You have been "lighting the fuse" of your own destruction as a "political party" and YOUR "comeuppance" will be harsh, and possibly even include legal, long term incarceration for your "self-appointed leaders" and your "elected 'fuse igniter' politicians" as well....OR WORSE ! The continued acceleration of your hatred and physical altercation upon America, will be LONG REMEMBERED, and will NOT go 'unpunished' in America's continued history, as well as in the mind's memory of our CITIZENS. We have been "pushed" as far as can be humanly expected... I advise you to "push" NO FURTHER ! The lives of our Citizens, Police Officers, Military (both active & retired) are FAR TOO IMPORTANT to our continuing Republic to ignore your aggression, obstinance and irrational determination to gain the power to "RULE OVER YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS", at all costs.... (The "bill" for this cancerous action cannot possibly be "paid" by YOU, or your Democrat political Party)....BEWARE ...(if only for the sake of your own PEACEFUL existence, and that of the continued "Freedom & Liberty" existence of your progeny...) Make NO mistake, YOU have brought America "to the tipping point" ! ! !

Sigh . . . . . . . it's clear from the above tirade who's actually the rabid one here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C Breeze . . . . . as always when spouting hate . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Take your meds, C Breeze.

You're "on the list"!

Help yourself.


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